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May 15, 2019 3 min read

9 Podcasts for an Accountant's Morning Commute

Be productive during your morning commute and listen to podcasts to polish up your skills and stay updated on industry news. See our recommended list here!

9 Podcasts for an Accountant's Morning Commute

One of the most productive things that accountants can do during their morning commute is expand their knowledge by listening to industry-related podcasts. No matter what area of interest or specialization that tax accountants may have, there's sure to be a podcast to satisfy that need. There are even podcasts that address basic business practices such as how to market an accounting firm or how to find the best employees.

Any accountant who wants to improve their professional skills and expand their business can skip the self-help books and head straight for a podcast.

1. AccountantLife

Accountants don't always have the reputation of being cool and innovative, but after listening to this podcast, people's perspectives are bound to change. Showcasing all types of accountants and industry experts across the world, this show celebrates and elevates the accounting profession in many ways.

2. Accounting Best Practices (with Steven Bragg)

When it comes to accounting news, information, ethics, and standards, there are few podcasts that deliver so well. With host Steven Bragg, a top CPA and author, these mini-episodes are easy to binge and will fill any commute with valuable information.

3. Accounting Today Podcast

Any accountant who is a fan of "Accounting Today" will feel right at home with this podcast. Listeners benefit from the same level of prestige and award-winning coverage of all things accounting, with information for accounting students as well as experienced industry experts.

4. The AuditCast

New accountants often feel overwhelmed when starting their career and can use all the good advice they can get. Addressing industry basics that beginners may be too self-conscious to ask about, this podcast is the place to tune in for excellent information on accounting and auditing.

5. The Big 4 Accounting Firms Podcast

Every move made by the Big 4 affects the accounting industry, and this podcast delivers all the latest news, moves, and developments. Even if listeners are not with a Big 4 firm, they can learn a lot about the industry by paying attention to them.

6. The Bean Counter

Accountants can put the polish on their careers by using the advice gathered from this podcast. Covering topics such as turbo-charging a resume to getting that big promotion, "The Bean Counter" is both helpful and entertaining.

7. CPA Exam Review

For those with the CPA Exam on the horizon, this podcast is the best study-buddy around. Jam-packed with preparation tips, strategies, and helpful hints about the CPA exam, the CPA Exam Review is designed to guide accountants on where to begin obtaining a passing score.

8. The THRIVEcast

Who says a podcast centered on the accounting industry can't be funny? With irreverent humor, hosts Greg Kyte and Jason Blumer are on a mission to deliver the latest news and developments from the world of accounting to listeners with a sense of humor.

9. Mad Money Podcast (with Jim Cramer)

A major personality in the business and finance landscape, Jim Cramer of CNBC fame dives headfirst into podcasting. The show brings the latest news and developments to eager listeners via Cramer's unique insight. Brash and bold, the Mad Money Podcast is sure to please even the pickiest listener.

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