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Python at the Point

Second Thursday of each month at 12pm

Canopy HQ: 3401 North Thanksgiving Way #200. Lehi, UT.

Python at the Point is the central most Utah Python™ group meetup found in the heart of Silicon Slopes --in Lehi, halfway between Salt Lake City and Provo.

Utah Python™ works with Python groups in Utah (Python at the Point, SLC Python, Python Utah North, and PyLadies), to increase visibility and availability to Python meetups, education, mentorship, guidance, and other resources.

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Lunch JS

Third Tuesday of each month at 11:30am

Canopy HQ: 3401 North Thanksgiving Way #200. Lehi, UT.

Free lunch and JavaScript first Tuesday of each month, what more could you ask for?

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We ship code multiple times a day with our unique microservice development system that allows projects to be split into small pieces. This means multiple developers can work in small, autonomous squads on one large project without stepping on each other’s toes. This also means we can build and launch ideas with lightning-fast speed.

Canopy developers have created a cohesive backend and frontend microservices architecture. Along the way we have developed and open sourced frameworks and packages to help others do the same.  Some of our open source projects include:


Single Spa

A javascript library that allows the use of microservices in a browser. It enables developers to split their large web application into smaller pieces. Each piece can be developed independently, which frees devs to use different frameworks for different parts of a web app.

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A python library that allows devs to query a postgres database using SQLAlchemy. Our asyncpgsa library has been recognized and endorsed by the Python core team because of its usefulness and innovation.

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A frontend javascript library that enables teams to deploy a web application piecemeal, instead of all at once. This means different teams can deploy frontend code without the risk of accidentally deploying something unrelated from a different team.

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If you’re interested in learning more about the kind of work culture that leads to this level of innovation, visit our careers page.

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