New Client List

The NEW Client List not only gives you more functionality, but also provides a more intuitive interface for dealing with client data within Canopy.

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What's new:

Streamline the way you view your client data with these new updates. Layout and design has changed to make it easier for you to view your data and interact with it. Resize columns, show and hide columns, infinitely scroll, and search directly on the client list page. 


In addition to the redesign, you’ll also find the following functionality:

  • New bulk actions:
    • Assign team members
    • Assign contact owner
    • Mark inactive

All of your favorite bulk actions will still be available.

  • Enhanced search
  • Saved Filter Views 
  • Custom exports

Why it matters:

Finding clients, or groups of clients, easily, speeds up work. When you can group clients based on certain criteria and perform work in bulk, you begin to scale yourself, your colleagues, and the firm.

Grouping clients is also good for work management. People work differently. Some prefer to manage their work based on projects and tasks. Others want to manage their work based on client or client type.

Where to find it:

Client Management module.

Get started:

Find more information by clicking the here. There are several help articles broken up into smaller segments to help you find exactly what you're looking for.