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with Tanya Baber

Intro to Tax Resolution - Part 2

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the IRS Organizational structure and what the 4 main operating divisions are 
  • Learn the roles of other principal offices of the IRS, including TAS, CI, OPR, Appeals and RPO, to name a few 
  • Learn what the Taxpayer Bill of Rights (TBOR) is and what is included 
  • Discover the IRS “10 Deadly Sins” and what this means to the IRS personnel you will be working with 
  • Understand your own obligations, requirements and best practices as required by Circular 230 


Course Overview

Course Details
  • Level: Beginner
  • Cost: Free
  • Field of Study: Taxes
  • Advanced Prep: None
  • Credit Type: CE & CPE
  • Credit Hours: 1
Course Description

While many tax preparers may understand basic concepts related to tax resolution and even dabble in it from time to time, many fail to understand the complexities and nuances of representation. In this area, what you don’t know can hurt you and your client. 


This basic tax resolution boot camp will help remedy weaknesses you may have in your understanding of what tax resolution really is and give you basic building blocks to keep adding to your knowledge in this arena of tax representation. Let us guide you through tax resolution from A to Z. This tax resolution training is a continuation of Intro to Tax Resolution – Part 1 – Understanding Tax Resolution and Authority. We dive even deeper to cover the next building blocks you will need to give you a proper introduction to tax resolution. 


We will cover an organizational overview of the IRS, so you will know which department you should work with when helping your client, and understand which ones can be your best allies among the four main operating divisions. You’ll also learn the roles of other principal offices of the IRS, including TAS, CI, OPR, Appeals, and RPO. We will cover the IRS’s “10 Deadly Sins” and also your best practices, obligations, and requirements under Circular 230. This will help you better understand the IRS personnel you will be working with. 


You will learn about the Taxpayer Bill of Rights (TBOR) so you will be prepared to represent your clients and protect those rights. If you have always wanted to learn tax resolution and take it to the next level, our tax resolution courses are definitely for you!

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