Time & Billing

Finally. An answer to “where did the time (& billing & payments) go?”


Time is literally money.

Manage & track them both with Canopy.


Account for your firms efforts

Accounting for your time is just as important as accounting for your clients’ money. Record, designate, and analyze the time your staff spends on each client.


Get paid faster

Make it easier on your clients and yourself by invoicing and processing payments in Canopy. Got past due invoices? Use automated invoice reminders.


Manage & track time 

Budget and track time spent on specific projects and use that data to make better business decisions.

Time & Billing + Client Engagement
Time & Billing + Document Management
Time & Billing + Workflow
Better together

Time & Billing
+Client Engagement

  • Manage payments per client: save client payment methods, process payments, set up recurring payments, process refunds, run payment reports

  • Run profitability report based on each client record

  • View insights into payments on each client record (image on left)

  • WIP for each client

Better together

Time & Billing
+Document Management

  • Storing invoices

  • Export reports and store them (image on left)

  • Less context switching/Time savings

  • Prevent out-of-scope work

Better together

Time & Billing

  • Create and manage time entries per task/subtask

  • Profitability reports

  • Capacity planning (image on left)

  • Comparing billable vs. non-billable hours

  • Internal tasks (write up/write down, send invoices, clear WIP, enter/manage time entries)


Manage all your billing in one place.

Streamline the way you bill with customizations, helpful reports, reminders, and by leveraging our QBO integration.

  • Generate and send invoices effortlessly
  • Track every billable minute with precision
  • Easily manage your WIP
  • ...and more!

Account for your time and expenses.

Track any time or expenses related to your clients and connect those to invoices.

  • Record time entries
  • Manage expenses
  • Leverage built-in timers
  • ...and more!

“[Canopy offers a] more streamlined payment collection process and better task/project management. We have saved hours upon hours of time with our team, our office manager alone has reduced the number of hours required to handle client payments by about 4-5 hours per month!”

Eric B.

/ Founder and Managing Shareholder


Get paid faster.

You’ve done all the work, now it’s time to get paid.

  • Securely collect credit card and ACH payments
  • Pass on credit card fees with surcharging
  • Leverage reports for reconciling
  • ...and more!

Keep a pulse on the health of your firm.

Utilize live data, easy-to-read visualizations, and the ability to save and share insights.

  • View time dashboards
  • Analyze capacity planning report
  • Manage WIP
  • ...and more!

Simplify your time & billing.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Unlike some software, Canopy doesn't only sync contacts from Quickbooks. No other competitor offers the ability to sync contacts, service items, invoice to Quickbooks Online. Our complete integration makes the bank reconciliation process the simplest on the market when working with Quickbooks Online. Learn more here.

Canopy’s Time & Billing module allows you to track time on each client interaction and apply that time to create one-time or recurring invoices. These invoices can be shared directly to your clients in the client portal. Canopy also offers a Payments option where you can not only track time, create invoices, but also collect and process payments within Canopy. These payments can be sent directly to their client portal and you can manage them within Canopy. Additionally, take out the manual follow-up process with your clients by implementing automatic invoice reminders. All of these items and more can help you collect payments from your clients faster. 

The WIP report within the Time & Billing module will allow you to see all outstanding billable time that you need to make a billing decision on. Time will be grouped by contact and there are a multitude of filter options to narrow things down. We are also providing a calculation on the chargeable rate for the time logged for each contact. There are two invoicing options you can take with time entries. The first is to add time entries as visible line items on invoices and they will drive the amount of the invoice. The second option is to instead just link time to an invoice. In this case the time won’t have any impact on the amount of the invoice, but will be used in other reports, such as profitability.