Time Billing


Time & Billing

Finally. An answer to “where did the time (& billing & payments) go?”

Time is literally money.

Manage & track them both with Canopy.


Account for your Efforts

Accounting for your time is just as important as accounting for your clients’ money. Record, designate, and analyze the time your staff spends on each client.


Get Paid Faster

Make it easier on your clients and yourself by invoicing and processing payments in Canopy. Got past due invoices? Use automated invoice reminders.


Efficiently Manage Time

Time is money. Budget and track time spent on specific projects and use that data to make better business decisions.

Time & Billing + Client Engagement
Time & Billing + Document Management
Time & Billing + Workflow
Better together

Time & Billing
+Client Engagement

  • Manage payments per clients: save client payment methods, process payments, set up recurring payments, process refunds, run payment reports

  • Run profitability report based on each client record

  • View insights into payments on each client record (image on left)

  • WIP for each client

Better together

Time & Billing
+Document Management

  • Storing invoices

  • Export reports and store them (image on left)

  • Less context switching/Time savings

  • Prevent out-of-scope work

Better together

Time & Billing

  • Create and manage time entries per task/subtask

  • Profitability reports

  • Capacity planning (image on left)

  • Comparing billable vs. non-billable hours

  • Internal tasks (write up/write down, send invoices, clear WIP, enter/manage time entries)

TB_Configurable Invoicing TB_Customizable Rates TB_One-Time Reccuring and Scheduled Invoices TB_Integrations TB_Share Invoices TB_WIP Report TB_Invoice Reminders AutomatedLateFees Auto Link Time to Recurring Invoices


Invoice all in one place—no system-switching and no double entry necessary.

We don’t expect the same invoice format to work for everyone. So Canopy allows you to add your logo and configures them however works best for you—like rolling up multiple line items into a single line item, showing line items separately or grouped by service items, and showing or hiding specific columns.

Pricing should have the flexibility to price the way you want. Price by time, price by service, price by employee. And use multiple rates!

It’s your firm and your clients, so invoice accordingly. Canopy lets you send out one-time invoices as needed, as well as regularly recurring or even scheduled-for-the-future invoices. Because invoicing isn’t one-size-(or interval)-fits-all.

Canopy and Quickbooks Online are like peanut butter and jelly (or chocolate, if that’s your thing). Build your service items, locations, categories, and classes in QuickBooks Online, and use those same fields in Canopy any time you create an invoice. No more uncategorization and no more jumping back and forth.

Clients will never have to ask, “where’s that invoice?” again. That’s because the invoices you create in Canopy can always be easily accessed by clients via our customizable, weband mobile-friendlyClient Portal. (Our Product team wants us to tell you it’s also highly rated. So there. Are you happy now, Mitchell?)

Unbilled work. Employee rate totals. Fixed service rate totals by client. Canopy’s WIP summary lets you see it all and flow it directly to invoicing. And, what’s more, you can use it all for your firm’s benefit to see your revenue potential.

It’s time to celebratethe days of having to manually remind your clients to pay an unpaid invoice are over! With automated invoice reminders, send a friendly email reminder a number of days before, on, or on a specified number of days after an invoice due date.

Encourage on-time client payments by enabling this feature to automatically apply late fees to past due invoices.

Choose to designate all time recorded for a specific contact to be automatically linked and added to recurring invoices. Once selected, any unbilled time entries recorded between the recurring intervals you choose will be automatically linked to the next recurring invoice for that specific contact.

Built-in TimeTB__ Time EntriesTB__ Time spent on taskTB__ Time budget on taskTB__

Time Tracking

This isn’t a Christopher Nolan movie. You CAN have a handle on time.

We get it: the clock never stops ticking for accountants. That’s why Canopy has built-in timers that make it easy to track time by client and project. We hate double entry as much as you do, so we make sure it all connects easily to the Clients and Workflow that you already have in Canopy (requires both a Time & Billing and Workflow license). And, because everyone’s human, we make sure you can easily add time manually too, if and when you forget to start the timer.

So many kinds of time. Time saved to a client. Billable. Non-billable. Billed time with a link to an invoice. Archived time. Your time. Your clients’ time. Hammer time. Fortunately, Canopy can help you see it all (OK, maybe not Hammer time) clearly and easily.

And not only can you record and manage time entries, you can also save time by multi-selecting a group of time entries and changing all of those time entries to a single client or switching all of those time entries to a specific service item. 

Already using Canopy Workflow? Well, then it’s easy to track time—whether it’s at a task or a subtask level—and flow it through to our Time & Billing accounting software.

Accountants account for time just as much as (or more than) they do money, which is why Canopy makes sure you can create time budgets for tasks and subtasks, and that our Workflow and Time & Billing work together seamlessly.

“[Canopy offers a] more streamlined payment collection process and better task/project management. We have saved hours upon hours of time with our team, our office manager alone has reduced the number of hours required to handle client payments by about 4-5 hours per month!”

Eric B.

/ Founder and Managing Shareholder

Time Dashboard Time Billing Reports Invoices, Payments, Credits & Satements-1 Capacity Planning Answers-1 Filters-1 Present & Share Scheduling Reports Alerts-1


Keep a pulse on the health of your firm with live data, easy to read visualizations, and the ability to save and share insights.

Whether you bill based on time or value/subscription, tracking time can still be beneficial when it comes to reporting. Unlock unknowns to make better business decisions by viewing how much time employees are spending on clients relative to all time, YTD revenue, total revenue past due, total revenue outstanding, outstanding invoices and their status, and recurring invoices. View data globally across all clients or in each individual client record’s billing tab.

Increase your understanding of the strengths and weaknesses in your firm starting with quality data. We’ve created a variety of Time & Billing reports to illuminate more insights. These reports include: 

Time: Hours Tracked by Client, Service Item, or Team Member, and Time Utilization by Team Member. 

Billing: Aged Receivables Summary and Detail, Revenue (by Client, Service Item, or Team Member), Billing Utilization by Team Member, Profitability by Client and Task, and Staff Productivity.

You can access this data in two places: first, aggregated for all clients in the billing report area of Canopy; and second, for each individual client in their client record’s billing tab.

  • Invoices: See a list of all invoices, recurring, and archived.
  • Payments: See a list of all payments made.
  • Credits: See a list of all and deleted credits.
  • Statement: Create statements for any client from invoices that have been generated.

Dive deep into budgeted and logged data to better understand resource assignments in your firm. View each assignee and see who has more work than they're able to complete. Break this down by week or month, project or task, or client owner. With data from Workflow and Time & Billing, capacity planning has never been easier.

Quickly visualize your data. It’s as easy as identifying your data points and pushing Enter. Your data will display in a recommended visualization style that you can then change or refine to help you find the answer to your data question. You can discover even deeper insights by clicking directly on the visualization and selecting the data point to refine your search for answers.

Get the most out of your data and visualizations with filters that can show what's most important to you and your firm. Create a filter for each employee, role, assignment, services, month, location, etc.

Turn your Liveboards into presentations in a matter of seconds. Each visualization gets its own slide so that everyone can easily see. If anyone has a question mid-presentation, you’re still presenting live data! You can drill down and interact with it to help guide the discussion to where it will benefit your firm most.

Automatically keep stakeholders informed on firm initiatives. Emailed reports will include either a CSV or PDF of the Liveboard visualizations being shared. Whether you access the raw data directly in the product or via download, you’ll always be able to see and access your data. It’s your data, after all.

Monitor changes in Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) with scheduled alerts. Receive notifications for your KPIs at your preferred cadence—on an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Create thresholds and indicate whether you want to be notified if it increases, decreases, or changes by a certain percentage. We said "finger on the pulse of your practice" and we meant it.

Simplify your time & billing.

Canopy Payments

You can't have a Time & Billing solution without payments. Canopy’s got you covered there too.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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Unlike some software, Canopy doesn't only sync contacts from Quickbooks. No other competitor offers the ability to sync contacts, service items, invoice to Quickbooks Online. Our complete integration makes the bank reconciliation process the simplest on the market when working with Quickbooks Online. Learn more here.

Canopy’s Time & Billing module allows you to track time on each client interaction and apply that time to create one-time or recurring invoices. These invoices can be shared directly to your clients in the client portal. Canopy also offers a Payments option where you can not only track time, create invoices, but also collect and process payments within Canopy. These payments can be sent directly to their client portal and you can manage them within Canopy. Additionally, take out the manual follow-up process with your clients by implementing automatic invoice reminders. All of these items and more can help you collect payments from your clients faster. 

The WIP report within the Time & Billing module will allow you to see all outstanding billable time that you need to make a billing decision on. Time will be grouped by contact and there are a multitude of filter options to narrow things down. We are also providing a calculation on the chargeable rate for the time logged for each contact. There are two invoicing options you can take with time entries. The first is to add time entries as visible line items on invoices and they will drive the amount of the invoice. The second option is to instead just link time to an invoice. In this case the time won’t have any impact on the amount of the invoice, but will be used in other reports, such as profitability.