Time & Expense Management

Capture and track every minute and penny spent on your clients.

Built in Timers Time Entries Time Spent Time Budgets

Account for Time Spent on Clients

This isn’t a Christopher Nolan movie. You can get a handle on time.

The clock never stops ticking for accountants. Canopy has built-in timers that make it easy to track time by client and project. We hate double entry as much as you do, so we make sure it all connects easily to the Clients and Workflow that you already have in Canopy (requires both a Time & Billing and Workflow license). And, because everyone’s human, we make sure you can easily add time manually too, if and when you forget to start the timer.

So many kinds of time. Time saved to a client. Billable. Non-billable. Billed time with a link to an invoice. Archived time. Your time. Your clients’ time. Hammer time. Fortunately, Canopy can help you see it all (OK, maybe not Hammer time) clearly and easily.

And not only can you record and manage time entries, you can also save time by multi-selecting a group of time entries and changing all of those time entries to a single client or switching all of those time entries to a specific service item. 

Already using Canopy Workflow? Well, then it’s easy to track time—whether it’s at a task or a subtask level—and flow it through to our Time & Billing accounting software.

Accountants account for time just as much as (or more than) they do money, which is why Canopy makes sure you can create time budgets for tasks and subtasks, and that our Workflow and Time & Billing work together seamlessly.

Expense Entries Expense Table Expense Reporting

Streamline expense tracking

Seamlessly track every expense devoted to client projects.

We have you covered when it comes to expenses related to the work you perform for your clients. Record, manage, and attach client-related expenses to invoices.

Utilize the expense table for a high-level view of all of the expenses that you’ve entered. From here you can filter, edit, add, or remove expenses.

Expenses can also be found in the WIP and Productivity reports. Similar to time entries, expenses will appear on the WIP report until they are included on or associated with an invoice to clear them.