Canopy API

Pull valuable client data and use it the way you need with our API.


What Data Does Our API Support?

Our API is currently focused on providing important client data that you could utilize for a variety of purposes. Once approved and given secure access to data inside our system, your firm could securely access the following data:

  • Client contact information (Client name, date of birth, phone, email, address, etc.)
  • Individual filing type and business type
  • All custom fields
  • External ID and Client ID (GUID)
  • Client statuses (Prospect, Active, Inactive, Archived)
  • Linked clients

How can I use the API?

We're sure you'll think up some valuable ways to use our API, but some of the most common use cases include:


Phone Systems

Leverage client data from our platform to integrate with your phone system. Enhance customer experience by automatically displaying vital client details, such as their name or company name, when they call in.


Sales System

Retrieve client data from our platform and transfer it to a dedicated sales system for efficient storage and effective client management.


Marketing Automation Tools

Utilize client data to import into your marketing automation tool and establish drip campaigns. Additionally, ensure seamless synchronization of client information between your marketing automation tool and our platform whenever updates occur.

Request API Access

We’re excited about your interest in connecting to our API to expand the functionality of our system. Before connecting, you will need to provide some important information and confirm that you are a Canopy customer. After going through our secure review and approval process you will then be able to connect to the data.


To get started, please provide the necessary data with this form.