Secure Links

Share secure, single-use links with clients and stakeholders for easy and quick access. 


You don't have to sacrifice security
to work more efficiently.

Provide secure, login-free access to Canopy tasks via single-use links.

Consistent UX

Improved efficiency & productivity

Document sharing, eSigning, and uploading  shouldn't be a pain. We make it easier, so you can focus on the parts of your business that really need your brainpower.


Streamlined client interactions

Secure links offer seamless access to view, sign, or upload documents without portal logins (aka: the eternal client username/password retrieval cycle), saving time and making it easy for clients and stakeholders alike.

Security Compliance

Enhanced security for sensitive info

Secure links use 256-bit encryption and expire based on predetermined timeframes to protect sensitive information from unauthorized access.

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Secure Links

Effortlessly share, upload files, and collect eSignatures from clients and stakeholders without the hassle of logging into a portal.

Quickly and easily share (or reshare) files with clients and important stakeholders (bookkeepers, lawyers, etc.) through a secure link that includes an expiration time—all without needing to log into the portal.

Gather important or required documents from clients and stakeholders quickly with a secure link—no need for them to log into the client portal.

Idiot-proof drag-and-drop functionality lets you move eSignature fields from one Canopy file to another that you can then send to clients (via our Client Portal) for their signature(s). This also works when you need a KBA eSignature.

Engagement letters sent through Canopy are delivered via a secure link. This allows for a secure, simple process for prospects to become clients by agreeing to rates, terms, services, etc. without having to log in.


How secure are they?

Canopy's secure links feature robust 256-bit encryption, far exceeding industry standards for security. These links, crafted with a unique 52-character string, significantly minimize the risk of unauthorized access (actual odds? One in 1.6X10^92). Security also relies on user practices;  using secure networks, enabling 2-factor authentication for email, and avoiding forwarding these links all enhance protection. Canopy ensures your data's safety with advanced encryption and smart usage guidelines.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Secure links are a feature that allows Canopy users to share, upload, and sign documents securely without the need for recipients to log into a portal. A link is sent directly to a client or stakeholder that you determine. These links are generated with 256-bit encryption, ensuring a high level of security and each link is unique and expires after a set period, enhancing data protection and privacy.

Our secure links are built with top-tier security in mind, utilizing 256-bit encryption which doubles the industry standard. The security of a secure link also depends on the recipient’s network and email security protocols. We recommend using secure networks, enabling 2-factor authentication, and not forwarding Secure Links to maintain optimal security.