Client Man Hero


Client Engagement

Make the most of your relationships.


Client management from prospect to client

Manage your entire client lifecycle in one place. For you and for them.


Proposal to Payment, Faster

Use a single system to extend statements of work, track conversion of prospects, initiate project management, collect payments, and gain insights into the entire client journey with in-depth reporting.

simplify procedures

Simplify Client Procedures

Tag clients & perform bulk actions, have uniform structure from client to client, and have clear delineation of roles & access. We're with Thoreau on the whole "simplify" thing (though we'd only say it once because, uh, simplicity).

convert retain clients

Capture, Convert & Retain Clients

Deliver branded engagement letters, collect documents, and speed up client intake and onboarding with a branded & secure client portal—storing all relevant documents and workpapers directly on a client or prospect record.

Client Engagement + Document Management
Client Engagement + Workflow
Client Engagement + Time and Billing
Better together

Client Engagement
+Document Management

  • Organize files into folders received from portal

  • Send forms and collect eSignatures (image on left)

  • Apply folder templates to organize and apply to individual clients

  • Make it easier to get individual client records into Canopy (print to/scan to)

  • Store internal-only files on client records

  • Share documents via secure portal or secure link

Better together

Client Engagement +Workflow

  • Directly create tasks from an email, attach an email to a task, and comment on tasks

  • Build singular and bulk client requests into automated workflows

  • Automate email updates based on task/work progress (image on left)

  • Create pooled/queued work with Role assignments

  • Simplify client creation processes with roles built in to client record templates

Better together

Client Engagement
+Time and Billing

  • Manage payments per client: save client payment methods, process payments, set up recurring payments, process refunds, run payment reports

  • Run profitability report based on each client record (image on left)

  • View insights into payments on each client record

  • WIP for each client


Client Relationship Management specific to accountants.

Call us Q because this is custom and unlike anything you could dream of, 007.

  • Robust client list with custom fields & filters
  • Visual reporting on your client base
  • Client dashboards—one stop shop for everything related to that client
  • ...and more!

Build. Send. Accept. Get paid. Re-engage.

Sending professional, branded proposals makes you look as good as Travis Kelce next to Taylor Swift (or Patrick Mahomes, if that's more your thing).

  • Create templates that match your service items
  • Automate task creation upon acceptance
  • Maintain control & uniformity so anyone can send an accurate proposal in a matter of minutes
  • ...and more!

“I switched to Canopy because they were able to offer all the services I needed for my practice in one application... They provide simple to use solutions for [client management], communication, client portal, and workflow management.”

Danny Nordstrom/Nordstrom Accounting Services

“Canopy is solving my CRM needs, as well as email organization, task management, templates, and automation, all with a client portal mobile app. Canopy has become the perfect solution to organizing my practice in one place.”

Ashley S./Canopy User

“Canopy is a great tool for all-in-one tracking of client relations, tasking, workflow, and running a CPA firm. Contact information, notes, tasks, important contacts related to the client, recent files, engagements—all of the information right there! Then I can drill down under communications to all of the client emails and correspondence with the client.”

Chuck M./Capterra Review

“The best thing about canopy is having all of your clients information all in one place. Everything from personal info, entity info, files, invoices, it is all there. Canopy is constantly updating their platform to better serve their customers. This truly has evolved our practice.”

Brandon T./Canopy User

Client Portal-2

Give your clients a customizable web portal & app.

Behold! The crucial (client-loved and client-used) piece that separates Canopy from any other CRM.

  • Make & edit requests sent to clients
  • Create a professional, branded, and loved space for your clients
  • Share & collect documents; request & process payments
  • ...and more!
Integrated Email

Manage multiple inboxes directly.

Love email or hate it, but try living without it? Hard pass. Canopy makes the best of it.

  • Easily toggle between your email, a colleague’s or a client's
  • See all emails sent to & from a client, directly from the client profile
  • Comment on emails, tasks, or files & manage conversations with one internal inbox
  • Use AI to write (even more) professional emails
  • ...and more!

Math skills &
good communication:
together at last.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t find the answer you're looking for? Reach out to our support team.

Since clients are the lifeblood of your business, disorganization or bad client experiences can cost you time and money, not to mention future opportunities. Canopy Client Management centralizes all information about your clients via an integrated directory and complete client record. Interact with clients through a branded client portal, manage all email inboxes and access email by client, and view your calendar and upcoming events with clients—all in Canopy Client Management.

You can sync almost any email using out integrations that accommodate for Google, Outlook, and IMAP/SMTP. Each user can sync as many inboxes as they manage and even share emails with other Canopy users so they can manage them directly in Canopy. These are two way syncs, so anything you do in Canopy with email, will be applied in the original email provider. Any email sent to or from a client's email address will be stored on the corresponding client profile, no matter who received the email in the firm. This functionality is applied to emails that are currently accessible from your email provider-- if it's in that inbox, it will populate in Canopy (no matter the date).

No. No need! We have our own. One that is secure and customizable. And it’s all included with your Client Engagement license. Learn More

New users can start a trial for 15 days. The free trial includes our full suite of products (Client Engagement, Client Portal, Document Management, Workflow, Time & Billing, Transcripts & Notices).

Yes! Explore Canopy's ChatGPT integration, built-in features, and practice management tools here. 

With each product launch, we consider any new or existing permissions that should be added or that are affected. Through these permissions, admins can easily control access in a very detailed manner. Best practice is to evaluate your staff and identify the user types you would categorize employees into (hopefully 3-5), and then create access and permissions based on those profiles.

You most definitely can. You are given a unique and customizable URL when you set up the Client Portal (i.e. [yourfirmname] Within the portal you can also link any scheduling tools you have (like Calendly).