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Client Directory & Records

The mindblown emoji was invented for accountants using our client directory.


    What do your practice and Canopy have in common? Well, they’re both built around your clients. For Canopy, that means making sure your staff can get a holistic view of what’s happening with your clients—notes, files, workflows, projects, time & billing, payments, and more. All in (and we say this a lot) one place


    Canopy is like Las Vegas in that what happens in client conversations—whether it’s in-person or over the phone—stays in Canopy, saved directly to your client’s record. Once saved to your client’s record, you can collaborate with coworkers.


    Why give yourself carpal tunnel syndrome from the agonizing importing of clients and prospects one-by-agonizing-one? Canopy makes it easy to bulk import your clients and get up and running in no time. Oh, and Canopy also lets you filter clients and perform actions for multiple clients all at once. Because saving you time is kind of our superpower.


    Making sure everyone has access to the information they need (but not the information they don’t) is a key part of Client Management software. Canopy empowers you and your team by letting you control global settings, customize team members’ roles, permissions, and access. And with an audit log, you can always double check what your team has been doing. Just in case.

Client Engagement

One place for client communications, records, interactions, and your peace of mind.


    Did you know Canopy integrates with Google, Microsoft, or any other email provider via IMAP/SMTP? That means you never have to leave Canopy (where you’re already doing a big chunk of your work) to check and manage your email. That’s not all, though. Canopy can handle multiple inboxes, allow for intra-practice shared inboxes for client communications, automatically save client emails to their Client Record, create tasks from email, add new clients via email, and so much more.


    You want to know the minute your client (finally) responds to a request or uploads a file. You want to know when colleagues update something regarding a client. Canopy’s Notifications do all of that, plus custom notifications as well as admin-specific notifications (like when a client list has been processed, if there’s a duplicate client, or if you have a new license available). We can’t make clients respond faster, but we can make sure you know the second they do.


    All communications between clients and members of your firm will also be saved to their record giving anyone with access to the client record a holistic view of any communications with that customer.


    You can draft and send personalized emails to small groups of clients, without ever leaving Canopy. It's not that we don't want you to ever leave Canopy. It's just that we don't want you to have to leave Canopy when you can do it all with us.


    Ah, client requests and their noble, oft-ignored good intentions. Of course Canopy can help you request specific data, or work with your clients to complete tasks and/or a tax organizer. Better yet, you can send your clients our standard 2021 Organizer (in bulk, because we know how crazy tax time gets) and also send along a fillable PDF of any supplemental questions you want answered.


    Canopy automates reminders for organizers and client requests, so that the follow-up (and the follow-up to the follow-up) happens automatically. Let Canopy do the nagging for you.

Client Portal

Client-loved and, more importantly, client-used.


    We know the importance of brand at Canopy. So, of course, our client portal is customizable, right down to the URL—so your clients see you, not Canopy. You’re doing all the hard work, after all.


    Our Client Portal allows your clients to view invoices and make payments securely—wherever and whenever. Who wants to make it harder to get paid? (No one. That’s who.)


    What if it was easier to share documents and send reminders to clients? With Canopy, it is. And, with our Client Portal, clients can access it all anytime, anywhere. Who wants to make it harder to get files to and from clients? (Still no one. That’s who.)


    Who knew part of being an accountant would be “waiting patiently”? Canopy makes it easier for clients to upload files, so you can get what you need with fewer obstacles and less friction. (And our automated client requests will remind them for you.)


    Sure, our portal is designed and optimized to be viewed on any screen—desktop, laptop, mobile, etc. But our highly-ranked mobile app was designed specifically for today’s mobile-oriented clients. Clients love it because it makes it easy to view their open to-do’s, get push notifications, review files, eSign documents, review invoices, make payments, and even take a photo scan of documents right from their phone. Talk about removing obstacles...


    Canopy easily links to third-party scheduling tools. No more playing phone and email tag trying to set up meetings with clients.


Keep your practice in sync with your clients.


    Canopy integrates with any calendar—yours, your coworkers’, on Google, Microsoft, you name it—so you can stop app-hopping. Canopy helps you gain the visibility you need while also helping you stay in the zone (aka: your workflow).


    Oh, the time-suck of scheduling meetings with clients. All the back and forth. The rescheduling. The re-rescheduling. Why not leave it to your clients, allowing them to easily schedule something with you via a third-party scheduling tool? With Canopy, you can.


    If you have our Workflow module, any tasks and subtasks you’re tracking there will show up on your Canopy calendar.

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