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Client Management

Make the most of your client relationships.

You're only as happy as your unhappiest client.

Keep clients happy with client accounting software that helps you deliver 5-star experiences.


Secure Client Portal

Finally, a centralized location for all communications between you and your clients. No more sticky notes, internal emails, or files/emails stuck on a co-worker’s computer. Learn more about Canopy's Client Portal. 


Simplify Procedures

Tag clients & perform bulk actions, have uniform structure from client to client, and have clear delineation of roles & access.


Retain & Gain Clients

Help onboard clients and stay close to current clients with the client portal comments, client requests, organizers, etc. Easily organize all of your interactions on a centralized client record.

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Communication Management

The foundation of a good client management system.

"I love email," said no one ever. That's because, besides being a pain to manage, email is a colossal time suck—especially if you want to write them well and avoid any unnecessary back and forth. Canopy's solution? Don't. Instead, let Canopy AI write the email for you. With Canopy AI, you can insert prompts or topics and have a professional email drafted in seconds. Don't like how it's phrased? No worries. Simply revise it to be more formal, more casual, more you. Like writing the email yourself, but need some corrections? Take care of all grammar and spelling errors with one click.

View and manage email directly from Canopy. As many inboxes as you’d like. We’ll even help you create a new client directly from an email when that address isn’t associated with a client. That’s not all you can do directly from an emailsave files, create a task, have a side-bar with a colleague (see Comments Inbox below).

  • Google, Outlook, or IMAP/SMTP integration: Our email integrations make things super simple. Sync every email, labels, and color coding for calendars. What’s sent from Canopy will be seen in your email provider, and vice versa.

An inbox for your internal communications! No more emails sent between colleagues. Instead, communicate in context. Comment on an email and @mention a colleague. React to comments with a thumbs up. Set a reminder on a comment or mark it as unread.

Send your clients pre-built forms to help you gather all of the requisite information needed to move forward on projects. No need to nag them, either. Automated reminders take the burden off of your firm to follow-up.

Filter your client list to get a segment of clients that all need the same work done, whether that’s sending a client request, sending an email, adding a tag, assigning an owner, assigning a contact owner, marking client inactive, etc. The more modules you have paired with Client Management, the more you can do (i.e. create tasks, apply a folder template, etc.)

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Client Interaction Management

Interactions like notes, emails, comments, requests, and so on–all in one place.

Quickly view all of your clients and highly pertinent information at-a-glance. Create groups and filter by data to show dynamic lists based on tags, location, assignee, etc.

  • QuickBooks Online: Integrating with QuickBooks Online makes it easier than ever to import your client list. Preview your list and verify everything is how you want it. Canopy will sync contacts made in either system. See Time & Billing for more QuickBooks Online integration details.

Using tags, custom fields, and other client data, create dynamic views of your client list. Use these lists to easily assign work, create and send communications, assign ownership, or export. Save your view for easy day to day access. Share your view with others (only owners can edit the view).

The foundation of Canopy is built around clients because we understand that they are also the foundation of your business and workday. The Client Record is an easy place to collaborateleave notes, access emails from the client (no worries if you weren’t CC’ed), check files, see projects and tasks, send invoices, etc.

No more siloed emails. No more delayed work because a client or colleague forgot to hit “reply all.” All communications between clients and members of your firm will be saved to their record giving you a holistic view of any communications with that customer.

Jumping between many programs can waste time and cause you to lose focus. Integrate your own, or any other calendar shared with you, from Google and Microsoft, into Canopy helping you gain the visibility you need and also keeping you in your workflow.

Manually scheduling meetings with clients can be time-consuming with all the back and forth. Empower your clients to easily schedule something with you by listing your third-party scheduling tool link in your client portal.

I wish I could find more tax professionals that use Canopy. I had a CPA using it but have since moved across country. All I can find locally are firms using old dated software and PDFs that aren't even digitized to a form. [Canopy is] a great benefit to those using your platform.

Ashley S.

/ Client Portal user via LinkedIn

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Client Portal

Engage with your clients in a place where they can easily access files, invoices, payments and more.

Canopy understands that your reputation and brand are important, which is why we allow firms to customize the branding on their client portal and even allow you to customize the URLso your clients see you, not Canopy.

Allow your clients to view invoices and make paymentsanytime. Our Time & Billing module is needed.

Getting documentation and files from clients can be challenging and time-consuming. Canopy’s client portal makes it simple for your clients to upload files and share them with you.

Share documentation with your clients that they can securely access anytime, from anywhere. Also, easily send them to-dos with automated reminders for things they owe you.

While the portal is available via a browser optimized for desktop or mobile, we know that your clients are busy, and today more and more people are often working from their phones. Canopy offers a highly-ranked mobile app that also makes it easy to view open to-dos with push notification reminders, review files, eSign documents, review invoices and make payments, and even take a photo scan of documents right from their phone!

Easily link to a third-party scheduling tool. No more phone and email tag trying to set up meetings with clients.

We cant live without Canopy.

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Keep a pulse on the health of your firm with live data, easy to read visualizations, and the ability to save and share insights.

Keep a pulse on your clients. Quickly assess client ownership by employee. Track clients by state, tenure, filing status, active or inactive. Set thresholds with alerts so that, for example, you don't have too many prospective clients in the pipeline not getting converted.

Quickly visualize your data. It’s as easy as identifying your data points and pushing Enter. Your data will display in a recommended visualization style that you can then change or refine to help you find the answer to your data question. You can discover even deeper insights by clicking directly on the visualization and select the data point to refine your search for answers.

Get the most out of your data and visualizations with filters that can show what's most important to you and your firm. Create a filter for each employee, role, assignment, services, month, location, etc.

Turn your Liveboards into presentations in a matter of seconds. Each visualization gets its own slide so that everyone can easily see. If anyone has a question mid-presentation, you’re still presenting live data! You can drill down and interact with it to help guide the discussion to where it will benefit your firm most.

Automatically keep stakeholders informed on firm initiatives. Emailed reports will include either a CSV or PDF of the Liveboard visualizations being shared. Whether you access the raw data directly in the product or via download, you’ll always be able to see and access your data. It’s your data, after all.

Monitor changes in Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) with scheduled alerts. Receive notifications for your KPIs at your preferred cadence—on an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Create thresholds and indicate whether you want to be notified if it increases, decreases, or changes by a certain percentage. We said "finger on the pulse of your practice" and we meant it.

I switched to Canopy because they were able to offer all the services I needed for my practice in one application... They provide simple to use solutions for [client management], communication, client portal, and workflow management.

Danny Nordstrom

/ Nordstrom Accounting Services

soc-2-compliant cloud-native roles-permissions-teams 2-factor-authentication notifications

Systems & Security

We believe in being good stewards.

Your client data is sensitive and important. We want you to know that security is our top priority. Each year Canopy undergoes an evaluation to produce a third-party audited, SOC2 Type 2 compliant report of our software. This certification is used beyond the accounting industry but is governed by the AICPA, and a SOC2 report provides “detailed information and assurance about the controls at [Canopy] relevant to security, availability, and processing integrity of the systems [Canopy] uses to process users’ data and the confidentiality and privacy of the information processed by these systems.” The report is available upon request for current and prospective customers.

This isn’t some on-premises technology that you need to pay extra to have hosted in the cloud; Canopy was born in the cloud. As the accounting profession becomes more cloud-friendly, especially with Document Management technology, cloud software grows with you, the industry, and keeps up with the fast pace of innovation. Canopy takes pride in building and fixing features at lightning speeds, so you will always operate smoothly.

Making sure that everyone has the right access to the information they need, and none of the information they don’t is a critical part of Client Management. Canopy provides administrators the ability to control global settings, set and customize team members roles and related permissions and access, and an audit log so you can feel confident you have control over your client information and empower your team to work effectively.

We are probably all familiar with the importance of picking a complex and unique password for each software. But sometimes people adopt less-than-ideal password practices such as reusing passwords or picking an easy to guess password; and while we don’t encourage this we also recognize that it can happen. Canopy wants to help you keep the information you store in Canopy secure by utilizing two different modes to authenticate your identity or login on a recurring basis provides you with an added level of security. This helps prevent hackers from using data leaked from another site to log in to your account, or any other type of data breach.

There’s a notification for that! And settings for your notifications. We all have different preferences. But you’ll be able to be notified of a plethora of goings-on in Canopy and receive that notification in the way that best suits you.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Since clients are the lifeblood of your business, disorganization or bad client experiences can cost you time and money, not to mention future opportunities. Canopy Client Management centralizes all information about your clients via an integrated directory and complete client record. Interact with clients through a branded client portal, manage all email inboxes and access email by client, and view your calendar and upcoming events with clients—all in Canopy Client Management.

As many as you need across each firm member. You’ll be able to easily switch between all of the inboxes you manage directly within Canopy.

No. No need! We have our own. One that is secure and customizable. And it’s all included with your Client Management license. Learn More

We do. You can start with Client Management with 500 clients FOR FREE. When you’re ready, you can then do a free trial of the entire suite for 15 days (Client Management, Client Portal, Document Management, Workflow, Time & Billing, Transcripts & Notices)

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