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Transcripts & Notices

For all accountants: tax specialists, proactive practitioners, Ben Wyatt…

Get IRS transcript data with none of the hassle.

Automate transcript pulls & easily compare versions to identify recent changes & potential notices.

automate transcript retreival

Automate transcript retrievals

The ultimate form of proactivity—the kind that requires no action from you.

IRS integration

Sleek IRS integration

Secure log-in allows you to pull multiple transcripts at once. Say goodbye to multiple logins, navigation, and download after download...after download....after download.

simplify notice creation

Simplify notice creation

No need to memorize how to respond to any of the thousands of notices.


IRS-integrated transcript access

For pesky evaders or evaluating new tax prep clients

  • Download all relevant documents with one request
  • Automate regular transcript pulls
  • Review all data in one easy-to-read table
  • ...and more!

“Pulling IRS transcripts using this software is a dream. When you get transcripts through the IRS website you have to pull them one at a time, and if they aren't ready yet you have to repeat this process everyday.  With Canopy, you enter the taxpayer's information and then all you have to do to refresh the information is click the refresh button. So much easier to use!  Plus you can set up multiple clients at one time and let the software run in the background until it has checked them all with the IRS, meanwhile you can move on to other work.”

Lauren Johnson


Pre-built workflows for IRS Notices

You have better things to do than memorize millions of notices (or, at least, we hope we do).

  • Rest assured that annual updates are made to each notice workflow template
  • Respond quickly & appropriately when a client gets a notice
  • See a full list of notice projects and their status
  • ...and more!

Frequently Asked Questions

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No. But once you have sent the form to the IRS and the authorization is filed, you can pull transcripts for that  client until the authorization is withdrawn or revoked.

In just a matter of a couple of clicks, you can get as many years of data as you’re authorized for. We recommend that you pull all years in the range that you have authorization for.

For individuals:
  • Account Transcripts can only be pulled for the past 21 years
  • Record of Account pulled for the last 5 years.
  • Tax Return Transcripts pulled for the last 5 years.
  • Verification of Non-Filling up to the last 5 years.
  • Wage and Income last 11 years.
For businesses:
  • Account Transcripts last 21 years
  • Record of Account last 5 years
  • Tax Return Transcript last 5 years

Yes. But all users that will request transcripts need their own Transcripts license in Canopy and their own account with the IRS.

The IRS assigns a CAF. You can use our 2848 or 8821 form to fill out and then send to the IRS to get a CAF number. 

You can get as close as possible to a notification as notifications get regarding notices. When you compare transcript versions, if a newer version of a transcript is different than an older version see the little red dot. From there, you can compare the two versions and find the difference. This difference can often relate to a notice that may have been sent to your client, but not always.

Yes, after you have made your initial pull for each client. We recommend you pull all authorized years of data on your first pull so that any pull after that grabs all of those years of data. You can also select multiple clients and pull transcripts for all of those clients in bulk.

Yes. We recommend you schedule transcripts to pull at different intervals for your clients. For example, have 20% scheduled to pull on Monday, 20% on Tuesday, and so on. The IRS publishes transcript changes every week. Splitting up the scheduled pulls ensures a higher likelihood of all scheduled pulls completing during the time your token is activated after connecting to the IRS.