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For all accountants: tax specialists, proactive practitioners, Ben Wyatt…

Get all of the data with none of the hassle.

Automate transcript pulls & easily compare versions to identify recent changes & potential notices

Transcript Retrieval

Automate Transcript Retrievals

The ultimate form of proactivity—the kind that requires no action from you.


Sleek IRS Integration

Secure log-in allows you to pull multiple transcripts at once. Say goodbye to multiple logins, navigation, and incessant download after download.


Simplify Notice Creation

No need to memorize how to respond to any of the thousands of notices.

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Check a client’s tax history-- new or old. See if they're missing any tax documents this year that were represented last year. Or just keep a pulse on those non-compliant individuals.

Canopy’s partnership with the IRS through its approved integration means that Canopy customers have access to a secure login to the Transcript Delivery System (TDS) through Canopy. Additionally, you’re able to easily see your connection status and the estimated, real-time status of the TDS that shows you if a transcript request is pending, downloading, or got an error (btw, it only takes a few minutes to download years of data. I know, right?!). Knowledge is power, especially when you're dealing with stressed clients, so we do everything we can to keep you in the loop.

Once you’ve connected your IRS account to Canopy, you have a simple, secure, and efficient way to pull client transcripts directly from the IRS e-Services into Canopy.

Pulling transcripts has never been easier. Pull transcripts for multiple clients at once and schedule automated recurring pulls on a regular cadence. Once your connection is established, rest easy knowing that you won't have to manually pull a transcript hardly ever again.

When you need to keep an eye on something for a client, Canopy makes it simple to stay on top of it by scheduling recurring transcript pulls.

Canopy lets you view transcript information in two ways. First, you can view transcript documents in PDF format as you would normally receive them from the IRS. But more importantly, we also pull the transcript data from those documents onto easy to read reports, giving you an at-a-glance look at years of data in one spot with zero clicks (no more scouring of individual transcripts and manual data transfers).

Canopy stores all previous transcripts you’ve pulled on behalf of your clients and also makes it easy to compare different transcript versions. See changes or discrepancies with markings indicating a difference.

“Pulling IRS transcripts using this software is a dream. When you get transcripts through the IRS website you have to pull them one at a time, and if they aren't ready yet you have to repeat this process everyday.  With Canopy, you enter the taxpayer's information and then all you have to do to refresh the information is click the refresh button. So much easier to use!  Plus you can set up multiple clients at one time and let the software run in the background until it has checked them all with the IRS, meanwhile you can move on to other work.”

Lauren Johnson

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Your brain power is better spent on strategy and problem solving-- not memorizing or research how to resolve any number of the millions of pesky notices a client can get. Instead, use a template. On us.

To help you resolve your client’s notice, Canopy has a library of 350+ prebuilt Federal and State notice templates that provide an overview of the notice type with recommended steps to resolution. Respond to the IRS with confidence using our pre-built response letters. Each template is completely customizable to match your firm’s processes. From each task template, you can also easily access the most recent transcript on file for the client, make quick notes, and see associated files. We don’t want to say that resolving a notice is easybut Canopy definitely helps make it easier.

Canopy has draft engagement letters as well as IRS response letters for the various notice templates that help you respond in the best way to resolve your client’s IRS issue. Better yet the letters automatically fill in any information from your client’s record. Additionally, it highlights in red text the areas you need to complete or delete if not relevant to your client. If you’ve purchased Client Management and Document Management you can save this to your client’s document folder and share this with them via their Client Portal.

Canopy will auto-populate IRS and state administrative forms, such as a power of attorney, with client information. Eligible forms can also be sent to your client for eSignature via the Client Portal.

*Available only when purchasing Transcripts + Notices with the Client Management & Document Management modules. 

See a list of all active notices’ tasks and next steps in Canopy’s pre-built templates from the task list to easily guide you through the process. You can filter, sort, and view the active notices by a variety of attributes.

Pair Transcripts & Notices with Canopy Client Management and leverage the notice workflows to include client requests. Those requests show up in your customer’s Client Portal making it easy for them to respond to because it’s available on the web or mobile app or browser. Learn more about Canopy Client Management.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t find the answer you are looking for? Reach out to our support team.

No. But once you have sent the form to the IRS and the authorization is filed, you can pull transcripts for that  client until the authorization is withdrawn or revoked.

In just a matter of a couple of clicks, you can get as many years of data as you’re authorized for. We recommend that you pull all years in the range that you have authorization for.

For individuals:
  • Account Transcripts can only be pulled for the past 21 years
  • Record of Account pulled for the last 5 years.
  • Tax Return Transcripts pulled for the last 5 years.
  • Verification of Non-Filling up to the last 5 years.
  • Wage and Income last 11 years.
For businesses:
  • Account Transcripts last 21 years
  • Record of Account last 5 years
  • Tax Return Transcript last 5 years

Yes. But all users that will request transcripts need their own Transcripts license in Canopy and their own account with the IRS.

The IRS assigns a CAF. You can use our 2848 or 8821 form to fill out and then send to the IRS to get a CAF number. 

You can get as close as possible to a notification as notifications get regarding notices. When you compare transcript versions, if a newer version of a transcript is different than an older version see the little red dot. From there, you can compare the two versions and find the difference. This difference can often relate to a notice that may have been sent to your client, but not always.

Yes, after you have made your initial pull for each client. We recommend you pull all authorized years of data on your first pull so that any pull after that grabs all of those years of data. You can also select multiple clients and pull transcripts for all of those clients in bulk.

Yes. We recommend you schedule transcripts to pull at different intervals for your clients. For example, have 20% scheduled to pull on Monday, 20% on Tuesday, and so on. The IRS publishes transcript changes every week. Splitting up the scheduled pulls ensures a higher likelihood of all scheduled pulls completing during the time your token is activated after connecting to the IRS.