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No matter how hard you work to keep your clients in good standing with the IRS, sometimes they may still get a notice—a CP14 or a CP2000 or any number of notices. From there, of course, you have to resolve it and the first step toward doing that? Pulling a client’s IRS transcript in Canopy. That way, you have the exact same information as the IRS and can gain insight into the issue, all of which helps you get started resolving things.

IRS integration

Canopy’s partnership with the IRS—via our approved integration—means that Canopy customers have access to a secure, one-time login to the IRS system through the Canopy system. It also means you can easily see the estimated, real-time, from-the-IRS status of your transcript request. Knowledge is power, especially when you’re dealing with stressed clients, so we do everything we can to help keep you in the loop.

Transcripts retrieval

Once you’ve connected your IRS account to Canopy, pulling client transcripts is simple, secure, and efficient (not to mention directly from the IRS system into Canopy). We’re like the dog that loves to play fetch, minus the copious drool and dog breath.

Transcripts monitoring tool

Maybe a watched pot never boils, but a monitored transcript puts clients at ease. So Canopy makes it simple to stay on top of it by scheduling recurring transcript pulls. Better yet, we notify you if and when something changes. It's the magic of transcripts software.


Canopy offers two ways to display transcript information: 1) showing the unformatted data from the IRS in its original format, or 2) pulling the transcript data from the IRS into a reformatted, easier-to-read, easier-to-digest format. We generally despise the term “easy-peasy” but if the reporting tool fits…

Version comparison

Canopy stores all previous IRS transcripts you’ve pulled on behalf of clients, making it easy to compare different transcript versions. We help you spot discrepancies or changes by highlighting the differences between the compared versions.


Once you’ve got your client's transcript in hand (well, digital hand…) and are empowered with information on what the issue might be, you can finally get to work resolving it. That’s where our Notices products come in.

Content library of notice templates

To help you resolve your client’s notice, Canopy has a library of 350+ prebuilt Federal and State notice templates that provide an overview of the notice type as well as walking you through the recommended steps to resolution. Each template is completely customizable to match your firm’s processes. From each template, you can also easily link to any pulled transcripts for the client, make quick notes, and see associated files. We won’t say that resolving a notice is easy, but Canopy definitely helps make it easier.

Custom & editable engagement and IRS letters

Canopy has draft engagement letters and IRS  letter responses for the various notice templates, all tailored to help you respond in the best way to resolve your client’s IRS issue. Canopy can autofill any information from your client’s record in the letters. And what’s more, Canopy highlights the areas you need to complete (or delete, if not relevant to your client). If you’ve purchased Document and Client Management you can save this to your client’s document folder and share this with them via their Client Portal.

Administrative forms

Handling a client’s notice often requires having a tax authorization or power of attorney on file. Canopy will auto-populate the needed IRS and state administrative forms with client information that’s saved on your client’s contact record in Canopy. Better yet, the needed forms are provided within the notice workflow so there’s less time searching for them and reduced time spent filling them out.

Active notices list

In our pre-built templates from the task list, Canopy shows you a list of all active notices’ as well as next steps to help you through the process. Filter, sort, and view the active notices by a variety of attributes. And, if you’ve also purchased Workflow, then you get expanded functionality that includes filtering and saved views that you can view on the web or mobile.

Client requests

Canopy Notices integrates with our Client Management, if you've purchased it, so you can leverage your notices workflow to send requests to clients. Those requests show up in your customer’s Client Portal making it easy for them to respond—whether they’re on the web or mobile app or browser.

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