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Everything to Know for Tax Season


And earn 3 free CPE credits while you're at it.

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The 2023 Tax Course

Learn everything you need to know about making it through the 2023 Tax season. From technical updates to some expert tips on just making it through.

Are you confident that you have the tools and the information necessary to jump into the season armed with the knowledge you need? This webinar was designed to quickly grasp what you need to know to help your clients and prepare you for tax season and beyond.
Knowing the latest and greatest tax laws is required, both for filing tax returns and to looking to the future for your clients. Let Canopy help you prepare for the coming tax season with our Business Tax Season Updates!
It's that time of the year for accountants! With new tax season laws being updated for the upcoming tax year, you definitely want to check out this course to be prepared for all of the changes that are occurring for the upcoming tax season!