Canopy helps you get started (and to ROI) quickly

We’d say “you’re in good hands” but that’s another company’s line. (Still true, though.) We're your change champion.


How Canopy Helps

Leave it to us. We’ll get you up and running (or sprinting, or happily skipping, or whatever you do).


Get started with a contact-importing, practice-unclunking bang.

  • We'll migrate all of your contacts and help facilitate getting files for all of your clients uploaded into Canopy. Need something else mission-critical from your current system? We'll work with you to come up with a plan that gets you to "all systems go" as soon as possible.


Get your account customized and set up for success.

  • We'll configure Canopy to work the way you currently work or the way you want to work. We’ve got workflows, recommended best practices, and a client portal with your firm’s branding—all to help steer your practice in the direction of your dreams.


Canopy boot camp (but with fewer pushups and less yelling).

  • Our remote training (with real-life humans!) will walk you through Canopy, ensuring that you’re up to speed on all the basics and best practices. You can also immerse yourself in our video library—in-depth trainings for deep divers, as well as bite-sized 2-minute overviews.
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“We really appreciate the support team that were assigned to us for implementation. The transition from our previous software was seamless. Their customer support has been very helpful.”

Nathan G. / Small Business

We’re with you beyond just implementation too.

We’ve got all kinds of resources & support.


Canopy Partners 

Our recommended consulting partners can help with everything—from optimizing your internal processes to running a more profitable firm to upskilling your employees, and everything in between. 

Interested? Talk to your implementation specialist and/or CSM. They’d be happy to give you a list of recommended partners and make introductions to get you started.


Professional Services

Our software has built-in guides to help you get started right out of the gates. But—if you’re looking for a little more post-implementation, hands-on help—we offer a convenient menu of professional services that can be added on at any time. It’s like illuminating the Bat signal up in the sky, but for the Canopy customer experience team instead of a weird costumed billionaire vigilante. Our team is on standby—whether it’s when you acquire new clients, merge firms, train seasonal staff, or whatever else. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t find the answer you are looking for? Reach out to our support team.

Canopy will take care of your contact import and you will have a Q&A session with your specialist to make sure you are on the right track with your setup.

Standard implementation can be completed in as little as 2 weeks but may take longer depending on the time and effort being put into setting up the software.

The 3 main steps are:
   •  Contact Import
   •  File Migration (if applicable)
   •  Template creation

Once these 3 are out of the way, you are able to move over any remaining outstanding information and start sending out client portal invitations!

Official training is an extra cost under our Professional Services menu; however our product tutorials and educational video series will help to acclimate you and your team.

Canopy has a File Migration tool that allows you to migrate files in bulk once they are in a “local” environment. If you are currently storing files in a separate file storage software instead of your server or a local drive, you will need to download the files first before migrating them to Canopy.

Yes! We provide 37 task templates to help you get started with workflow so you don’t have to start from scratch. The rest of the templates are personal preference, but your specialist can help you with best practices and recommendations.

Your implementation specialist will walk you through the specifics, but we have product tutorials, an educational videos series, a support library, and of course the support team!