Canopy Templates

Choose from 100+ accounting, bookkeeping, and tax-specific templates and automations in Canopy.

Stop reinventing the wheel, er, email/project/service.

Save time, define, and refine your firm's processes with a little help from your friends 


Firm-wide cheat codes

Why waste time chipping processes out of stone yourself? Canopy's accounting, bookkeeping, and CPA templates are best practices delivered on a silver platter. Start with refined workflows from day 1. 


Uniformity & professionalism

Make hiring and training a breeze by clearly outlining repeatable processes. You no longer need to worry that something is forgotten.


Deliver on your brand

Build a reputation of consistency. From sending pre-drafted emails that keep clients updated to triggering team-wide updates, deliver the same thoughtful experience to everyone.

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Template Library

If you do it, there is a template for it. Find 100+ best practice templates and automations for the services you provide (or build your own).

Get your firm completing work the same way and faster (thank you notifications!). Create a project with associated tasks, use roles for assignments, add automations, and create recurrences when needed. You’ll love how tightly your ship runs after templatizing all of your services and client types.

Let’s face it, not all of us are good writers. And not all of us can keep our emotions in check. Write key emails that can be used ad-hoc or built into task templates (like updating a client on the status of their tax return).

Stop creating a new proposal for every new client. Create engagement item templates for every service proposed to a new client. Whoever is given permission can build an accurate proposal in minutes and once accepted, tasks are automatically created.

File folders, letters, client records, notices. The list goes on. You and your firm will have access to build almost any template you can dream of.

“I love the project management aspect and all of the templates. Recurring tasks and notifications. Email capability.”

Nishon W. / Canopy User

“Bringing Canopy into our organization was easy, with individualized invitations on a mass e-mail template sent out to Clients old and new! I wanted a product that could not be hacked via social engineering of the employees of the product. Canopy fulfils this role beautifully!”

Josh G. / G2 Reviewer

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