What is Accounting Practice Management Software Anyway?

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Accounting Practice Management Software is...

An all-in-one software solution for accountants? The crucial tech standing between your practice and utter chaos? Basically, accounting practice management software should bring together all of your practice’s mission-critical functions in one place. At Canopy, that means it’s an end-to-end platform that lets you choose the components (see our list below) that your firm needs and integrates seamlessly with other software solutions (cough, QBO, cough).

Not all accounting practice management solutions are created equal. Learn what differentiates Canopy from the competition and why thousands of accounting firms have chosen us to unlock the firm they've always wanted. 

Key Components of Canopy’s Practice Management Software:

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Client Management

Client Management centralizes all the information you have about your clients—client directory, client records, intra-firm communications about clients, shared (and synced) calendars, and all communication and sharing directly with your clients. Your firm is client-centric, so it makes sense that Client Management is the core module of Canopy that our other modules plug into.

Document Management


Document Management is your one-stop-shop for any and all documentation. Your documentation (and especially your clients’) shouldn’t be spread across all creation like Voldemort’s horcruxes. Canopy’s centralized system makes it easy to store, organize, work on documents, share them with clients (if you want), and even use eSign if necessary.


Workflow software is your central hub for figuring out how to manage your day (maybe we should’ve called it Day Management?). It helps you track everything you and your team are working on (currently and upcoming), set up and automate processes in your firm, view and manage the tasks at a high level, and track productivity. And did we mention it’s all trackable by client, whether you’re at your desk or on the go? (It is.)

Time & Billing

Time & Billing software is where work becomes revenue. It helps you turn your tracked time into invoices, invoice clients (hourly or fixed rate), and run reports. Canopy makes sure it’s simple to share invoices and collect payments from your clients. Nobody’s doing this work for their health, after all.

Canopy Payments

Canopy Payments helps you consolidate systems, provide a seamless client experience, get paid faster, and gain valuable insights. Allow your clients to pay their invoices securely and directly in the Client Portal (on the web or mobile apps) with any major credit card or ACH–at competitively low rates!

Time and Billing license required.



Insights help you make data-driven decisions. Without data, you're shooting in the dark and there's no knowing how your business decisions are helping or hindering your firm. With insights on clients, tasks, billing, and time, you can dive deep into any area of the business. Each dashboard is available based on purchase of the corresponding module. A pro license gives you access to custom reporting.

Want an overview of Canopy? 

Canopy Mobile App

Modern Accounting Practice Management available in your pocket.


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Work the Way You Want

And allow everyone at your firm to do the same. We all work a bit differently. Whether you don’t use the app, use it just to look up information, or to time tasks and view documents - you can work the way you want to work with Canopy's leading mobile app

Empower Remote or Hybrid Work

Hiring and maintaining staff is something every accounting firm is struggling with. According to a survey, remote work is the second most important benefit for employees.

Give Access & Maintain Control

People come. People go. People grow. The mobile app allows you to put client data at your firm member’s fingertips without storing it directly on their personal devices. Give them access based on their role or employment.

Search Contacts Manage Files Interact w Tasks View Invoices Process Payments Track Time Take Notes Siri

Mobile Practice Management

Modern practice management is mobile. Canopy's leading mobile app means working wherever (and whenever) you like. 

Access your full client list and manage your clients on your mobile phone. Easily navigate to client records to access notes, initiate a phone call, and make quick actions. All while watching the soccer game. 

View, add, and annotate files. Because so much of your work depends on information found in files and documents, it can be highly beneficial to have quick access to documents. Your phone is a lot easier to carry around than a computer or scanner. Whether you need to find a file or upload a new one, you can do it easily from your phone. And no more napkins or iPhone notes. Make all of your annotations or notes on files directly from your mobile device. 

View and create tasks and subtasks. Update statuses. Mark tasks as complete. Reassign tasks. Do it all from the convenience of your phone. Combined with our cloud-based app, Canopy has your entire accounting workflow covered

Take Canopy Payments mobile. Easily view and resend invoices. See the status of pending payments and processed payments. And know when your client has viewed the invoice (and nudge them to politely complete the payment). 

Enter your clients payment information for them and get that payment processed now.

No matter where you’re working, you can make sure every effort is recorded. No more guesses or manual entries later (though you can do that). With your phone you can track time anywhere you choose to work. Learn more about Time & Billing features with Canopy. 

Not in your notes app. Directly on the client profile in Canopy! No more wasted time transferring notes from one place to another.

“Hey Siri, call Bob in Canopy.” We're making work on the go even easier. Utilize Apple Shortcuts on your iOS device to enable Siri to initiate calls, texts, or emails to a client in the Canopy app.

All-in-One or Just What You Need

Canopy lets you build your practice management platform to work as you need it. You start with Client Management as your foundation and go from there. Maybe you don’t need every module right now, but if (see also: when) you do, we make it ridiculously easy to add them on to your existing Client Management foundation. Submit the form to get started!