We work well with others.

With Integrations you can:

Context Switching

Decrease Context Switching

When you have to switch from one software to another, it’s like trying to run a mile on a basketball court when you can only run from one end to another. The constant pivoting prevents you from hitting your stride and entering deep work. When softwares speak together, you have less busy work, less anxiety, greater mental capacity, and greater impact.

Double Entry

Eliminate Double Entry

Double entry is the pinnacle of busy work. It’s 2022 and there’s no reason to have valuable time spent on data entry. Integrating softwares allows you to enter your data once, and be done, resting easy knowing that it lives in all of the places it needs to be.


Improve Accuracy

By eliminating human interaction with data, you can eliminate a significant amount of human error. And, though we like to think we’re all really good at our respective jobs, things happen. All sorts of things can interrupt us and cause us to forget even the simplest of things. With integrations, you can spend more of your valuable time doing… valuable things.

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Our Integrations

Canopy is your all-in-one Practice Management Solution. But you have other things you need to manage and have interact with your work within Canopy. Integrations help your softwares speak to one another so you can simplify your management and operations.

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Bring your email and calendar into Canopy. With added actions in Canopy, you can create a new client or a new task directly from an email, save a document to a client’s record within Canopy, add labels, organize in folders, color code, and more. Not to mention the consolidation of all emails directly on a client’s record. 51% of accountants say colleagues forgetting to “reply all” has caused work delays and confusion in the past month. With Canopy’s Communication Tab, this doesn't have to be you or your colleagues.


Accounting Software for Small Business 2022 | QuickBooks Global

Eliminate double entry, decrease context switching, organize revenue, increase data accuracy, simplify bank reconciliation, gain insight into profit and loss, and solve world hunger. With our powers combined, Canopy and Quickbooks Online can do almost anything. We sync:

  • Classes
  • Categories
  • Locations
  • Contacts
  • Invoices
  • Service Items

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Pull transcripts with Canopy! It’s not hard to add value when the IRS is involved (sadly). Your socks will fly off your feet when you’ve seen just how much value we’ve added through our integration with the IRS. No longer will you need to log in each time you want to check or download a transcript. As long as you have a POA on file, you can collect years of data with one click. That data will then be tabulated into an at-a-glance view of each transcript’s data. As if that wasn’t enough already, you can set Canopy to pull transcripts automatically and notify you of changes to transcripts.


When using Canopy and Quickbooks Online, you can sync contacts between all three systems. When a contact is created in Canopy, that same information will be reflected in Quickbooks Online as well as Intuit ProConnect Tax, saving you time and ensuring things aren’t forgotten.


Download the Canopy Desktop Assistant to help “print” (upload) your documents to Canopy, scan files straight to Canopy, and migrate files from your computer to new file structures in Canopy. With the Desktop Assistant, you can also edit files in the app of your choice and see the changes reflected on the files located in Canopy.

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Don’t see an integration you need? Through our Public API or our Zapier end points, we can help you connect several other softwares.

Active Integrations


    Design, build and share integrations using our API. Collaborate with us on building the best cloud-based accounting software solution for Tax & Accounting Professional.


    Use Zapier to connect Canopy with an entire ecosystem of products all working together to enhance the efficiency of your practice while building stronger connections with your clients.


    Connect your email account to Canopy’s Global Inbox to view, send, and manage your emails directly in Canopy. Create contacts, tasks, and calendar events from an email to speed up your workflow and improve your contact onboarding.


    Automate your email to create, send, find, or label emails according to specified triggers in Canopy. Simultaneously create new emails whenever a new contact is added to Canopy, or an existing contact has their information updated.


    Link QuickBooks Online to Canopy to sync your contacts, service items, and invoices between apps. Once connected, all contacts, service items, and invoices made in Canopy will automatically sync to QuickBooks for simple cross functionality.


    Download the Canopy Desktop Assistant to help “print” (upload) your documents to Canopy, scan files straight to Canopy, and migrate files from your computer to new file structures in Canopy. With the Desktop Assistant, you can also edit files in the app of your choice and see the changes reflected on the files located in Canopy.


    Connect Canopy file storage to 20+ providers and handle advanced file workflow through odrive. Take advantage of the many storage capabilities that odrive enables such as unlimited data syncing across multiple accounts, sharing, backing up files, and encrypting folders.


Zapier Integrations

Here are a few examples of how your team can utilize the end points and triggers available through Zapier with other popular softwares.

  • XERO

    Send invoices and accept payments with Xero by syncing your Canopy contacts. Utilize Xero’s connected banking system to help improve your billing workflow.


    Connect your Canopy contacts and billing processes to your FreshBooks account. Integrate FreshBooks’ billing software with all of your Canopy contact information for a streamlined billing experience.


    Onboard clients to Canopy straight from their Calendly event booking. Set Canopy to automatically create new contacts from scheduled events.


    Set triggers so that your new Google Contacts will automatically create new contacts in Canopy. Update your contact’s info in Canopy and see the changes reflected in Google Contacts.


    Connect your Salesforce records to your Canopy contact information. Intuitively find, create, or update Salesforce records and campaigns with the contact information supplied in Canopy.

  • ZOHO

    Utilize Zoho’s mail, forms, and campaign features in combination with your Canopy contacts. Bring all of your Canopy contact info straight to Zoho for a speedier workflow.


    View, write, send and manage your emails directly in Canopy. Onboard clients by creating a Canopy contact from within an email.


    Combine your Mailchimp email campaigns with your Canopy clients. Set triggers to create or edit contacts according to the information collected in Mailchimp.


    Add Canopy contact information to new fields in Google Forms. Use completed form information to create, update, or find contacts in Canopy.


    Automate form responses to immediately create or update contact information in Canopy. Create, duplicate, or alter forms based on customizable triggers.


    Incorporate your Slack communications with your contact data in Canopy. Automate Slack messages to keep your team updated about changes made to your Canopy contacts.


    Update your Excel spreadsheets automatically to include new or updated contact information in Canopy. Use Excel with the Canopy Desktop Assistant to seamlessly edit spreadsheets stored in Canopy.


    Create and update your Google Sheets as you make changes to contact information in Canopy. Set triggers to have new and updated contact information quickly added to your sheets while you continue to work in Canopy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t find the answer you are looking for? Reach out to our support team.

Yes. Both Gmail and Outlook. And not just emails. Tags and folders too. And as many inboxes as you'd like!

Canopy does have a public API for syncing client data (business or individual) only. Please fill out our form for more details. We'd love to hear how you'd love to integrate!

The process of syncing your contacts should be done carefully, but it’s straightforward. You do need to keep in mind that the longer you have used Quickbooks Online, the more data discrepancies there will be. We suggest you take the extra time to scrub your QBO and Canopy client data before syncing to ensure the smoothest process. Slow down to speed up.

Yes, the current integration can sync your service items and invoices. Please make sure your service items and codes are identical. Invoices are a one-way sync from Canopy to QBO.