Print and Scan Directly to Canopy.

Canopy’s desktop assistant is ready to streamline your file upload process this tax season.

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Use the desktop assistant to scan and print files directly to a client’s profile without having to navigate back and forth from your computer’s hard drive to Canopy. Once you’ve downloaded the desktop assistant and connected it to your preferred scanner, uploading files to Canopy has never been easier.

The file migration tool enables users to upload complete contact folders to Canopy without having to compress anything into a ZIP file. Smart matching saves you time by matching folders uploaded to contacts already in Canopy. Bulk upload as many contact folders as you need while still getting the rest of your work done, uninterrupted.

The desktop assistant is available to both Windows and Mac users.

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Learn how to install the desktop assistant by watching this video. If you need more help, visit our help center.

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