Document Management

Wasting time and energy on wrangling document sprawl? Stop it.


If managing, storing, and accessing documents is a pain,
you’re doing it wrong

Canopy helps you do it right (and more easily).


Get documents organized

And go paperless. And save space. And spare yourself headaches. And keep your (and your team's) sanity.


Work & collaborate efficiently

Easily collect and share documents in a single place. Then gather, process, and search information and files seamlessly.


Secure document storage

Canopy and the Client Portal provide security for documents no matter where they are or how they’re being shared. No more worrying about emailing or texting files.

Document Management + Client Engagement
Document Management + Workflow
Document Management + Time & Billing
Better together

Document Management
+Client Engagement

  • Organize files into folders received from portal

  • Send forms and collect eSignatures (image on left)

  • Apply folder templates to organize and apply to individual clients

  • Easily migrate contact folders into Canopy (print to/scan to)

  • Store work papers and other internal files within clients’ folder structure 

  • Copy files in bulk to clients in contact list

Better together

Document Management

  • Workflow template - include client requests, fillable PDFs, eSignatures

  • Create workflow automations for reminders, status updates on client requests, transfer of work ownership, and more

  • Send bulk client requests to collect documents

  • Recurring tasks - automate client requests for documents on a schedule (image on left)

Better together

Document Management
+Time and Billing

  • Export reports and store them (image on left)

  • Less context switching

  • Time savings

  • Prevent out of scope work


Easily share and manage documents.

The Client Portal or secure links both help you to to share files with clients and stakeholders.

  • Share files through Client Portal or secure links
  • Manage folder permissions
  • Create and apply retention rules
  • ...and more!

Quickly collect and manage eSignatures.

Conveniently finish the last step in between your work and getting paid. Finalize work with electronic signatures.

  • Enjoy unlimited eSignatures
  • Utilize eSignature templates
  • Add KBA for added verification
  • ...and more!

“What I love most about Canopy is the ease of use and how quick it is to communicate back and forth with our tax agent. She can easily upload a file that I need to review or sign.”

Connie S.


Securely manage client (and internal) documents. 

Store and organize an unlimited number of documents securely in the cloud—for client, internal, or personal docs. 

  • Centrally store and manage files
  • Use Client portal or secure links to upload files
  • Leverage Canopy’s Virtual Drive & Desktop Assistant
  • Set up folder templates
  • ...and more!

Work on documents, instinctively and conveniently. 

Once in Canopy, we make it easy to interact with client or internal documents. 

  • Edit, reorder, rotate, or delete files
  • Create annotations
  • Combine files
  • ...and more!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t find the answer you are looking for? Reach out to our support team.

Canopy takes security seriously especially when it comes to files and sensitive customer data. All of our customers’ files are stored in the cloud. Plus, data is encrypted in transit and at rest using 256-bit encryption. Additionally, Canopy and its client portal (both web and mobile) requires customers and their clients to use two-factor authentication to access them. This provides a second layer of security to make it more difficult for unauthorized users to gain account access. 

Yes, users with a Document Management license can send and collect an unlimited amount of eSignatures from their clients. If further verification is needed for the signee, you can purchase additional KBA credits for $1.25/credit. It is important to know that eSignature requests will be sent out in an email using a secure link. Recipients who receive the email that you designate, will be able to easily click the link and sign the document without having to log into the client portal. This makes it convenient and faster to collect all needed eSignatures from necessary parties. 

No. Canopy provides a native, proprietary document management solution. Easily gather, store, share, and organize your clients’ files in our native client portal on both web and mobile devices. This eliminates the need to download each file, edit them, and then reupload them into the system. It also eliminates the cost of another system that is not integrated with the rest of your customer data, tasks, and time & billing features.

Accountants are drowning in highly sensitive documents. Stop running out of storage space on your potentially unsecured device and stop being tied to your office. Go paperless and get two-factor secured, unlimited document storage for ALL of your files and your clients’ files by using Canopy’s cloud-based Document Management system. Eliminate document sprawl by easily storing, organizing, in multiple places and finding all of your files in one location within Canopy’s cloud. 

Yes, with Canopy you can securely request and receive client documents in two ways.

First, you can send a client request utilizing our secure Client Portal. Upon logging into the Client Portal (via web or mobile app), clients will be able to see the request and attach any important documents to that client request. Once uploaded, those documents will be viewable to anyone in the firm given access to do so. 

Second, Canopy users can send a secure link to a client or important stakeholder to request or send a document. Secure links have a built-in expiration and can be sent directly to a client or stakeholder email. 

Yes, Windows users can access a mapped file drive (called a Virtual Drive) on their desktop that mirrors and syncs with the files and folders within Canopy. This can provide a native experience for managing files on your computer and syncing them to Canopy. 
Yes, Canopy has built-in editors that allow you to make annotations, add eSignatures, and more. There is no need to have a separate software solution to interact with documents stored in Canopy. 
Yes, you can set retention rules on folders. Any files within that folder will be automatically archived within Canopy according to the rules you set, helping you maintain compliance, order, and organization within your folders. Additionally, you can restrict who can set these rules to maintain consistency and compliance across your firm.