Document Management

Stop wasting time (and patience) wrangling document sprawl.

Document Management Screenshot

Document Storage

The (safe, well-organized) heart of any document management system worth its weight in manila folders.


    Get files in and out of Canopy easily. The Desktop Assistant is the bridge between the Canopy cloud and your non-cloud files, apps, and programs. It can be used even if your firm is using a hosted environment.


    Canopy doesn’t just make accounting easier for you; we do the same for your clients—with the ability to easily upload files to Canopy via our user-friendly (and secure and customizable) client portal.


    Skip the middleman (or middle app). Now you can save files into Canopy from any program via the print dialog, or scan clients’ physical documents directly into Canopy. Less busywork is always good.


    File storage shouldn’t be an exclusive club; it should be the world’s biggest (and most organized) garage. Canopy makes sure you always have enough easy-access storage.


    Canopy is built upon secure, industry-leading technology like Amazon Web Services. We also regularly back-up our database as an additional safeguard. Should you wish to backup any file, it’s easy to download and save it locally.


    If uploading documents is a pain, you’re doing it wrong. Do it right and do it easily with Canopy.

File Organization

You're only as effective and efficient as you are organized—starting with your files.


    Organized by client, Canopy’s file management software gives everyone who’s working on a specific client an easy place to store, find, and work on that client’s documents. No more wild file hunting, though you’re welcome to keep your camo pants.


    Canopy’s pre-templated folders make it simple to standardize folder organization across teams, clients, years, and more. No more guessing where different clients’ files are stored.


    Canopy’s Client Portal makes it easy to share and receive documents with your clients. They can upload documents to the exact folder you’re already working in. And they can see previous years’ tax returns without you having to dig it up for them.

Working on Documents

Document management is more than just document storage, it's document collaborate-on-it-seamlessly-together-age.


    Canopy’s Desktop Assistant helps you keep files in Canopy while also working on them with any program on your computer. No more manually downloading, uploading, re-downloading files; Desktop Assistant does it all for you on the downlow.


    Canopy's document management software lets you preview documents before you open them because it’s 2021 and that’s how technology should work.


    Want to make annotations on docs? With Canopy, you can. Even cooler? All annotations are instantly saved as their own, separate layer, viewable only by internal Canopy users. So your firm can see the notes but your clients won’t. We still recommend reserving client trash talk to the company text thread.


    We’re not saying Adobe Acrobat is useless, but we are saying you no longer need to leave Canopy when your clients upload scanned documents that need to be reordered, reoriented, or have unnecessary (or, worse, blank) pages. Canopy lets you move, rotate, edit, and delete to your heart’s content.


    Really, no offense, Adobe Acrobat. But you don’t need it to combine multiple files—PDF, PDF/A, XFDF, FDF, DOCX, XLSX, PPTX, JPG, PNG, or R2D2 (ok, not the last one)—all into one document that looks just like you want it to, without ever leaving Canopy.


    Coming soon to Canopy: send your clients a fillable PDF that they can complete without—there’s a theme developing here—ever leaving Canopy. Combined with our integrated eSignature functionality, this makes everything easier for your clients (and, thus, for you).

Sharing & Access

The best tech just fits into your business, into your workflow, into your clients' lives, even into their (and your) smartphones.


    The abacus was the original mobile accounting app, but this is a vast improvement: an app for accountants and an app for clients, where you can intuitively view, share, and upload files (with a built-in scanner, too).


    Share folders internally with your fellow accountants and externally (via our Client Portal) with your clients. And, with a clear icon system, always know which is which.


    Speaking of our Client Portal, this is the custom-branded place clients can view folders and files you share as well as upload and share documents with you. We’re still working on the Anti-Client-Procrastination technology, though...


    When you integrate your email with Canopy, it’s super-easy to save documents you received (because some clients take longer to get used to the Client Portal than others) in your email to Canopy. We refuse to use the word “automagic," but it’s kind of like that


    Skip the middleman. Now you can save files into Canopy from any program via the print dialog, or scan clients’ physical documents directly into Canopy. Less busywork is always good

Integrated eSignature

Client signatures are a built-in part of accounting, which is why they’re also a built-in (literally) part of Canopy’s Document Management Software.

  • eSIGN

    Idiot-proof drag-and-drop functionality lets you move eSignature fields from one Canopy file to another that you can then send to clients (via our Client Portal) for their signature(s).

  • KBA

    The integrated eSignature capabilities also work when you need a KBA eSignature.

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