Document Interaction

Document management isn't just document storage.

You need it all: edits, highlights, signatures, reformatting.  


Streamline file upload & interaction

Bridging the gap between Canopy and the other programs you use.

  • Print/Scan to Canopy
  • Migrate Files
  • Edit Files in Native Programs
  • and More!
Preview File Editing Make Annotations Reorder-Rotate-Edit-Delete Combine Files Fillable PDFs Copy Files in Bulk-1

Easily interact with your documents

Enjoy the flexibility to edit, annotate, merge your files, and much more.

Canopy’s document management software lets you preview documents before you open them because it’s 2023 and that’s how technology should work. No more countless windows and softwares slowing you and your OS down.

Canopy’s Desktop Assistant helps you keep files in Canopy while also working on them with any program on your computer. No more manually downloading, uploading, re-downloading files; Desktop Assistant does it all for you on the down low.

Want to make annotations on docs? With Canopy, you can. Even cooler? All annotations are instantly saved as their own, separate layer, viewable only by internal Canopy users. So your firm can see the notes but your clients won’t. We still recommend reserving client trash talk to the company comments thread.

We’re not saying Adobe Acrobat is useless, but we are saying you can stay in Canopy when your clients upload scanned documents that need to be reordered, reoriented, or have unnecessary (or, worse, blank) pages. Canopy lets you move, rotate, edit, and delete to your heart’s content.

Really, no offense, Adobe Acrobat. But you don’t need Adobe to combine multiple files—PDF, PDF/A, XFDF, FDF, DOCX, XLSX, PPTX, JPG, PNG, or R2D2 (ok, not the last one)—all into one document that looks just like you want it to. And you can do it all in Canopy.

Send your clients a fillable PDF that they can complete without ever leaving Canopy. Combined with our integrated eSignature functionality, this makes everything easier for your clients (and, thus, for you).

Copy a file and save it to multiple client records simultaneously.

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