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Product Update September 2020

We are excited to announce the release of a new productivity dashboard, added functionality to our mobile apps, and updates to our...

How to Handle a Trust Fund Recovery Penalty Case
Tax Resolution

How to Handle a Trust Fund Recovery Penalty Case in 6 Steps with Canopy

Canopy makes negotiating a trust fund recovery penalty case for your client simple. Learn how to handle a case with Canopy in 6 st...

How Canopy Can Help Manage Clients in Accounting Firm
Canopy Features and News

How Canopy Can Help You Manage Clients in Your Accounting Firm

Canopy can help you improve client management in your accounting firm. Find out how!

Practice Management

8 Simple Ways to Manage Clients Efficiently

It's important to add more time to your week and take control of your hectic schedule. See 8 ways to practice efficient client man...

Practice Management

9 Ways to Help Small Business Clients Be Financially Successful

We rounded up nine ways you can help small business clients be financially successful. Read more here!

Practice Management

How to Fire A Client: A Guide For Who to Keep & Who to Let Go

As a business owner, it’s important to distinguish between good and problematic clients, and to know how to fire a client the righ...

Canopy Features and News

Product Update August 2020

Our team has been hard at work to bring you updates aimed at enhancing Canopy’s already robust communication capabilities. Learn a...

Practice Management

Best Practices for Building Trust with Your Clients

What is the secret to retaining your clients? Building mutual trust. See 5 best practices for how to build trust with your clients...

Tax Resolution

How to Price Your Tax Resolution Services

Not sure how to price your tax resolution services? We've rounded up some info from tax professionals across the US to get you sta...

Practice Management

How to Build Good Relationships with Clients in Your Accounting Firm

Learning how to build good relationships with clients in your accounting firm is key for business growth and sustainability. Learn...

Canopy Features and News

How to Streamline Your Time and Billing Process Using Canopy

Canopy provides you and your clients the tools to streamline your time and billing process so that it’s easier for you to get paid...

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