Product Updates

Apple Pay

What's new: We are excited to announce that Apple Pay is now available as a payment option in the Canopy Client Portal App, in addition to ACH and credit card payments. With this...

6/18/24 LEARN MORE
Files Interface Redesign

What's new: We are thrilled to announce the launch of the Files Interface Redesign within Canopy's Document Management module. This update transforms the way Canopy users interact...

4/01/24 LEARN MORE
Quick Pay

What's new: With the latest update, clients now have the flexibility to pay their invoices directly through a secure link, bypassing the need to log into the Client Portal. As a...

3/21/24 LEARN MORE
24 for 2024: New Workflow Templates with Automations

Updated Tax-Specific Accounting Workflow Templates: At Canopy, we’ve recently improved 24 of our accounting and tax workflow templates by adding helpful automations to save you...

3/12/24 LEARN MORE
eSignature Templates

What's new: To enhance your experience and help you save time, we've introduced eSignature templates on Canopy. These templates enable you to easily add signature, initial, and...

3/04/24 LEARN MORE
Expense Management

What's New: We’re happy to announce the release of expense management in Canopy. As you incur expenses in your firm specifically related to clients, you can now record those...

2/27/24 LEARN MORE
A Year in Review 2023: New Canopy Features

It's hard to fathom how quickly another year has passed, and yet here we are, reflecting on a compilation of new features and functionality that Canopy has introduced throughout...

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Billing Realization

What's new:

12/19/23 LEARN MORE
Engagements & Proposals

What's new:

11/15/23 LEARN MORE
Use AI to Chart Business Insights

What's new: Within our custom reporting and dashboard tool (Insights), users can utilize natural language processing to create visualizations.

10/23/23 LEARN MORE
Client Record Templates

What's new: We understand that firms often have a standardized framework that their clients adhere to, and they require an efficient method to assign client records to predefined...

8/15/23 LEARN MORE
Know More About Your Practice Using Insights

What's new:

8/08/23 LEARN MORE
Using Roles to Build a Work Queue

What's new: Create custom roles to help manage team assignments. Use these roles to populate a client record template for easy client creation. Or use the roles on a client...

8/01/23 LEARN MORE
Increase Accuracy and Efficiency with Recurring Task Enhancements

What's new: We’ve enhanced the experience of creating and managing recurring tasks within Canopy’s Workflow module to provide more flexibility, context, automation, and accuracy...

6/07/23 LEARN MORE

What's new: Keep a pulse on your firm's health with live data, easy-to-read visualizations, and the ability to save and share data and data visualizations. The answers you get...

6/06/23 LEARN MORE

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