Practice Management

Engagement Letters: The Do’s and Don'ts

Engagement letters establish clear expectations and boundaries between clients and accountants. In this post, we will explore the do's and don'ts of crafting effective engagement...

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Making the Move to Cloud-Based Accounting Software

Numerous experts have touted the cloud as the future of computing. The majority of businesses (61% as of 2022) rely on the cloud to run business processes. And while the cloud...

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Write the Perfect Engagement Letter in 7 Easy Steps

You know you should use engagement letters in your tax resolution cases, but you need to figure out what your engagement letter should look like. Or you've finally decided to...

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What is an Engagement Letter and Why Accountants Need Them

Engagement Letters are a critical tool in the accounting profession. They serve as a binding document between an accountant and their client, outlining the responsibilities and...

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Engagements & Proposals

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Financial Statements and Informed Business Decisions: A Guide to...

Understanding an organization's financial health is akin to deciphering a foreign language. This language communicates the story of a company's operations, profitability, and cash...

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Essential Skills for Modern Accountants

It's easy to feel overwhelmed with all the skills you need to keep sharp as an accountant. Between keeping up with changing regulations, staying on top of deadlines, and managing...

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How to Get Transcripts Online

Canopy recently partnered with the IRS to provide exclusive access to tax transcripts through our Transcripts & Notices service.

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AI is Here — Should Your Firm Embrace It?

There's no doubt that the accounting industry is changing at a rapid clip. The integration of technology, specifically artificial intelligence (AI) and automation, means that...

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3 Lies Accountants Tell Themselves

In a recent webinar, “Lies Accountants Tell Themselves,” hosted by Canopy, we had industry experts dive into a new research report, “2023 Accounting Practice Management Survey”,...

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5 Ways to Embrace Change in Accounting Firms

In the ever-changing realm of accounting, adaptability, and innovation have become the foundations of success. Elizabeth Manso, CPA and owner of Brigade, was able to sit down with...

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4 Techniques for Maximizing Firm Productivity with Canopy

In the ever-evolving landscape of financial services, staying ahead requires expertise and the right tools to streamline operations and elevate client experiences. James Merante,...

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Top 3 Business Best Practices of a Well-Oiled Accounting Firm

In our recent Canopy webinar we dove into 3 key topics that can allow firms to make more money and scale their organizations more sustainably. There are so many ways a firm can...

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How to Work Less: Embracing Efficiency in Accounting

Accounting, often associated with long hours and tedious tasks, has long been considered a profession that requires extensive time commitments. During busy seasons, working hours...

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SOC 2 Compliance and Why It Matters

With reports of data breaches appearing on the news more frequently than ever, companies across the country are seeking increased security measures to protect the highly sensitive...

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