Document Management

Unlocking Efficiency: The Power of a Firm-Wide Operating System

For the accounting firm focused on maximizing profit and efficiency, antiquated practice management solutions that only meet a few needs are no longer sufficient for accounting...

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Files Interface Redesign

What's new: We are thrilled to announce the launch of the Files Interface Redesign within Canopy's Document Management module. This update transforms the way Canopy users interact...

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Identifying and Solving Your Document Management Pain Points

It’s crazy to think 58% of accountants say they have accidentally shared the wrong file with a client due to poor communication and storage issues.* The right software empowers...

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Document Management Best Practices Accountants Should Follow

Your document management system is a big part of your accounting firm’s success. At least you hope that it is. It could also be the weak spot that prevents your firm from growing....

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Document Management at Accounting Firms: Exclusive Canopy Survey

Canopy commissioned an independent research firm to survey 150 US-based accountants related to document management practices in their firms. The margin of error for this study is...

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Finding the Best Document Management System for Your Accounting Firm

If you want to grow your accounting business, win new customers, and continue to provide an amazing service then having a talented team by itself might not be enough. You’re going...

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What are the Benefits of a Document Management System for Accountants?

A sharp, well-organized document management system benefits your accounting firm in important ways. An upgraded, industry-leading document management system will bring 3 massive...

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Simplify File Management With Canopy’s Virtual Drive

What's new: Canopy users with a Document Management license will now have access to download the Canopy Virtual Drive powered by ODrive. This new feature will give users access to...

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July Product Update: New Features Available to Canopy Users

In the last month, we’ve released some powerful enhancements to Canopy! Learn more about the new features available:

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