Canopy Payments

Credit card processing for accountants. Getting paid should not be difficult. Period. Maybe even exclamation mark!

Usher your payments into the 21st century.


Streamline Getting Paid-2

Get Paid Faster

Collect client payments conveniently (by credit card or ACH), quickly, and directly in the Client Portal (web or mobile apps).

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Consolidate Systems

Time savings, convenience, less context switching, and more insights—just a few benefits of having payments processed inside of Canopy.

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Gain Insights

View and filter payment processing information so you can gain powerful insights to make better business decisions.

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Payment Processing

One of our objectives in everything we do is to make things easier and save accountants time. Including getting Payments set up. That’s why we partner with an expert in payment processing. And why we integrated the merchant onboarding process directly into Canopy’s platform so your firm can quickly and easily complete your application inside Canopy.

Once you’ve invoiced your clients, it’s time to get paid (insert “raining money” gif here). Whether you need to take payments on a one-time basis or automate them, Canopy can do what works for you.

  • One-time payments
  • Refund payments
  • Partial payments
  • Scheduled payments
  • Recurring payments

Canopy Payments takes all the major credit card types—VISA, MasterCard, American Express (AmEx). Our rates are competitive at 2.95% + $0.20/per transaction.

Canopy offers low-cost ACH payments for 1% per transaction with a $5 cap. If your firm or clients prefer not to deal with the limitations that come with credit cards like expirations dates or higher fees, look no further than Canopy ACH payments for a simple, cost-effective alternative. 

“Clients always respond right on time,” said no accountant ever. That’s why Canopy created our intuitive, easy-to-use Client Portal and mobile app—to make it easier and friction-free for clients to pay and for firms to get paid. Clients can easily see their balance due and pay from our Client Portal on their browser or from the Client Portal mobile app. Clients can also easily add, manage, or update bank account or card payment methods. What about those clients who mean to pay but always seem to take forever to get around to it? Canopy provides them the option to share their payment methods with your firm so you can run it on their behalf. We don’t use the word “genius” lightly, but...genius.

Want to keep an eye on payment data? Great! Because Canopy offers payment-related reports in two convenient places: first, aggregated for all clients in the billing report area of Canopy; and second, in each individual client record’s billing tab. 

Payments reports include:
  • Graph of payments collected, customizable by date
  • Chart of payment methods, customizable by date
  • List of all payments received hyperlinked to the client record where you can access a complete list of payments for just that client (and view if that client is linked with QBO from the payments report)
  • Upcoming and recurring payments, deposits, and refunds

You want to get paid faster and your clients want an easy, fast way to pay you. So we've made it ridiculously easy for your clients to view and manage all of their billing-related data inside the Canopy Client Portal app so they can:

  • View outstanding balances and invoices
  • Pay invoices
  • Add, save, and manage their payment methods (including giving nicknames to and designating preferred payment methods)
  • View their payment history

Offer credit card payment options to your clients without taking on the financial burden to your firm. Pass on credit card fees to your clients with surcharging.

Quick Pay streamlines invoice payments by allowing clients to pay directly through a secure link in their email, bypassing the need to log into the Client Portal. It introduces a "Pay now" button in invoice emails for effortless payments. Don’t worry, clients can still access their Client Portal for partial payments or to use saved payment methods. Available with a Time & Billing license, Quick Pay requires signing up for Canopy Payments for faster, secure transactions without extra signup fees.

Secure payments for Accounting

Security & PCI Compliance


This is serious stuff. Just know: our integrated payment partner has a PCI Level 1 certification providing your firm and clients with a secure, reliable payment platform. They’re audited annually, undertake regular penetration testing, and have maintained their PCI DSS compliance for more than a decade. Canopy dedicates internal teams to Information Security, Legal and Audit, focusing on best practice data management processes.

[Canopy offers a] more streamlined payment collection process and better task/project management. We have saved hours upon hours of time with our team, our office manager alone has reduced the number of hours required to handle client payments by about 4-5 hours per month!

Eric B.

/ Founder and Managing Shareholder

Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t find the answer you are looking for? Reach out to our support team.

No, there are no surprise fees! The rates listed above for Canopy Payments will include all of the fees and costs associated with regular credit card transactions and ACH payments if you choose to use this tool. Additional features or functionality may be offered in the future that may come with other costs, but we will communicate those costs as or if they happen. 

For both credit card and ACH payments you can expect to have the payment processed within 2 business days. 

Signing up for Canopy Payments is a streamlined process and easy for you to initiate. You can simply navigate to the Settings section of Canopy, select Billing Settings, and then select the Payments tab. This will take you to the screen to start your application. 

The application will take you through a series of questions to gather important information about you and your firm. The information you provide in this application will constitute a legal agreement, so take your time to accurately fill in the information. For example, make sure you select the right designation if you are a business (registered legal entity) or if you are an individual.

Once you have completed the form and submitted the application, you can expect to receive an approval or denial shortly. If more information is needed, you will also be notified.

Yes! In the Canopy Client Portal app, we've made an easy, fast, and convenient experience for your clients to make payments anywhere a mobile phone can go and the internet can reach. Your clients can download the Canopy Client Portal App on iOS or Android. On top of making payments directly from their mobile device, they can also receive and respond to client requests, take and upload quality images of their documents (don't worry, they upload as a PDF), and more--which can improve your interactions and decrease the time it takes to get the information you need.