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Client Relationship Management

Rolodex. Address book. Email. Spreadsheet. CRM software. The evolution of client management.

This is no cookie-cutter CRM.
It’s built for accountants.

All the client relationship features and functions you need (in one place).

Client Relationships

Create Meaningful Relationships

Whether it's between you and your clients or client to client, we know relationships are the core of your business. So we built our CRM with your client structure and groups in mind. You can group contacts, individuals, and companies however you see fit.


Secure, Accessible Communications

Whether initiated by you or your client, rest easy knowing that these interactions are easily found by anyone in the firm (with access & permissions, of course) directly from a client’s profile, either in email or the client portal.


More Efficient Client Management

You serve a large set of clients. Contrary to their belief, they’re not entirely unique. Whether it’s a similar service, industry, or personality, you can filter accordingly and multiply your efforts with bulk actions.

Client dashboard

Client List & Dashboards

  • Tag, sort, filter, save, customize & segment your client data. However you’d like.
  • Access pre-built, highly visual dashboards for all of your client data. 
  • Create scheduled reports and alerts to help you keep track of data highs and lows.
  • And more!
Client record

A CRM that truly streamlines work

  • Use templates for emails and client requests so that every client gets uniform communications.
  • Easily create groups of client types and use client record templates to help eliminate admin busy work when creating new clients.
  • Build Engagement templates so anyone can build a professional, accurate proposal that will automate assignments and task creation.
  • Use AI to help write ad-hoc or repeat emails.
  • And more!
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Client Relationship Management (CRM)

The client management foundation for all of your practice management.

Quickly view all of your clients and highly pertinent information at-a-glance. Create groups and filter by data to show dynamic lists based on tags, location, assignee, etc.

QuickBooks Online: Integrating with QuickBooks Online makes it easier than ever to import your client list. Preview your list and verify everything is how you want it. Canopy will sync contacts made in either system. See Time & Billing for more QuickBooks Online integration details.

The foundation of Canopy is built around clients because we understand that they're also the foundation of your business and workday. The Client Record is an easy place to collaborate—leave notes, access emails from the client (no worries if you weren’t CC’ed), check files, see projects & tasks, send invoices, etc.

No more siloed emails. No more delayed work because a client or colleague forgot to hit “reply all.” All communications between clients and members of your firm will be saved to their record, giving you a holistic view of any communications with that customer.

Filter your client list to narrow to a segment of clients that all need the same work done, whether that’s sending a client request, sending an email, adding a tag, assigning an owner, whatever. The more modules you have paired with Client Management, the more you can do (i.e. create tasks, apply a folder template, etc).

Manage all of your communication in Canopy. Sync your email to bring emails into Canopy and attach those emails to client records. Share your inboxes for firm-wide email management. Keep all internal communication in context. Comment on emails and mention colleagues.

“I love email,” said no one ever. That's because, besides being a pain to manage, email is a colossal time suck—especially if you want to write them well and avoid any unnecessary back and forth. Canopy's solution? Let Canopy AI write the email for you. With Canopy AI, you can insert prompts or topics and have a professional email drafted in seconds. Don't like how it's phrased? No worries. Simply revise it to be more formal, more casual, more you. Prefer writing the email yourself, but need some corrections? Take care of all grammar and spelling errors with one click.

Canopy was just a better overall solution and saved us money not needing more than one software for document storage / file sharing and a CRM.

Erica S.

/ Canopy User