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Ways Accountants Can Turn Challenges Into Opportunities in 2022

John Adams once said that, “every problem is an opportunity in disguise.” Come and join Andrew Berg, Jon Pryweller, Jason Schow and host Michelle Lundberg as they discuss ways to turn recent accounting challenges into opportunities this year! 


Subscribing Your Way To a Better Firm

Join Chris Piccurio as he explains the benefits of MBSB (Membership Based Subscriptions), and how it is taking over the world! 


Canopy's First Look for January 2022

Happy New Year everyone! Join us by viewing our awesome new updates/features our amazing product team has been working on! 


5 Simple Ways to Reduce Tax Season Insanity

Want to know ways on how to reduce stress when it comes to tax season madness? Join host's Shannon Vincent and Colin Dunn on helpful tips and tricks for implementing new ways and strategies that work specifically for your firm so you aren't burned out by the end of tax season! 


Canopy Innovation Summit 2021

Check out our amazing and educational Canopy Innovation Summit video for 2021! This year has been amazing for us, and we plan on continuing to grow even more! 


Trends From the 2021 Accounting Client Expectations Study

This webinar goes into depth on what clients are wanting to see more of from accountants. Lori Boyer dives in and explains the current trends, client requests, and how to gain more clients while at the same time maintaining yours! 


How to Leverage Cloud Based Practice Management Software with Canopy

Check out hosts Lori Boyer and Michael Salmon as they break down what Practice Management really means and how having a cloud-based software system can simplify your firm's life.


2020-2021 Tax Updates

Wanting to learn and get more educated on important tax updates that have been rolled out in the recent years? Hear from tax preparer, Tanya Baber and how she explains all the important knowledge and details you should know about!


Canopy First Look Webinar - September 2021

Want to learn more about all of the awesome things we built for you over the last few months? Hear from a few of our product managers about the exciting new features available now and find out what's on the horizon.


Build the Ultimate ROI Machine for Your Accounting Firm Connected Practice Management Tech Stack

Imagine having a single, powerful tool to maximize the return on investment of every aspect of your firms operations. A practice management platform is that tool, and connecting it with other key apps your firm needs makes it a real ROI machine!


How to Handle When Key Staff Leave

When a partner or even an admin at a small firm parts ways, what often leaves with them is more than the relationships they formed. Key information on client accounts, procedures, and processes often go out the door with them. Moreover, without the proper systems in place to deal with such departures, a firm is often left with more questions than answers.


Growing Your Firm Through CAAS

In this webinar, industry experts Shawn Flattery and Alex Roytenberg share their personal experiences managing accounting firms focused on Client Accounting and Advisory Services (CAAS).


Canopy First Look Webinar - June 2021

Want to learn more about all of the awesome things we built for you during tax season? Hear from a few of our product managers about the exciting new features on the horizon.


Client Management Strategies for Accounting Firms

Successful firms don't take chances with their client interactions—rather, they are methodical in their approach to client management. In this webinar, we'll learn about the client management ecosystem and the three different phases it comprises.


Is Your Firm Ready for More IRS Notices?

Tax compliance and enforcement is changing as the IRS cuts budgets and rolls out more automation. This means an increase in automated notices for your clients, and additional workload for your team. This webinar was designed to help you streamline the notice process and get your clients on track, while gaining some additional context on IRS trends.


Canopy Innovation Summit 2020

Hear from customers who have cracked the code and have significantly boosted revenue by focusing on the modernization of their businesses. Our product team has been preparing for months to show you what they’ve been working on, and we are thrilled to share Canopy’s product roadmap with you. We’ll also hear from Jody Padar, The Radical CPA, who is featured on the Accounting Today Top 100 Influential People List—she’s literally written the book (or two) on innovation in accounting.