Canopy AI

Offload your busywork to robots. Well, actually "artificial intelligence", but you get the idea...

Dont waste brainpower on tasks that shouldnt need it.



Delegate the Mundane

Why do what AI can do instead? Spend more time doing the work you actually enjoy—and requires your expertise—and less time fussing over crafting emails.


Spend Less Time Writing

You're good with numbers, so why are you wasting time on email? Let Canopy AI write it for you and focus on your strengths.


Get a Leg Up on the Competition

Accountants aren’t going anywhere. But, accountants with AI? They’re really going somewhere! Canopy AI gives you a competitive edge.


You provide the topic & talking points. AI does the rest.


With AI, you simply add your topic or important points to the prompt, include any formatting you desire, and sit back (or work on something else important) as Canopy AI drafts a comprehensive, coherent email for you. When drafting a response, Canopy AI can utilize the information in the email thread that will help create a response that will include the relevant information in conjunction with the prompt you provide.


Keep it professional, no matter your mood.


We've all been there: writing the billionth email to a frustrating, non-responsive client. With Canopy AI, you can vent your frustration. Simply write it all down and then—instead of clicking Send and burning it all down—let Canopy AI rephrase it for you. Stay professional while still getting your point across.


Keep it secret. Keep it safe.


Canopy has integrated with OpenAI in a way that helps do the heavy lifting writing-wise, without sacrificing any of the peace of mind security-wise. How? Both Canopy and ChatGPT are SOC 2 compliant. Our model does not feed any PII back to ChatGPT, and OpenAI only retains information they have for 30 days. Even Gandalf would be satisfied with both how secret and safe we keep it.

“Canopy just dropped the biggest feature of 2023 for accountants: AI generated emails. 🏆 to Canopy. Being first to ship is scary, but they’ve nailed this and set the foundation for even more meaningful applications going forward.”

Jason Staats, CPA

/ Post from LinkedIn


Canopy speaks your (and your clients’) language.


Whether it's your second/third/fourth language or your client's first language, Canopy easily translates emails for you. Save your mental energy and draft your email in English then translate to either Spanish, French, or Portuguese. You don't have to speak fluently just to send an email in any of those languages. Je t'en prie.


Let AI straighten out their/ there/ they’re.


Maybe you like writing your own emails. We say: type to your Shakespearean heart's content and leave the worry about formatting and errors to the robots. AI knows all of those pesky English rules so you don't have to. While you’re at it, you can also rephrase and revise to better match how you want it to come across.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes! Explore Canopy's ChatGPT integration, built-in features, and practice management tools here. 

The AI features within Canopy practice management will increase email efficiency, cultivate better communication, and save precious time. Make accounting less about client management by automating impeccable client relationships with our built-in AI functions.

No. First, the model has been trained to respond professionally and as if it were an accountant. Second, the email will not send until you click send. We recommend you review your email before sending, just as you would if you had drafted it yourself.

Both Canopy and Chat GPT are Soc 2 compliant. The use of PII like name, email, phone numbers, and addresses, if used in an email thread, can be used and can be helpful when using the integration to draft a reply. This information is not being used to train Chat GPT unless explicitly told to do so. Also, that information will not stay in Chat GPT indefinitely. You can review OpenAI's policies here for further information.

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