& Proposals

So much more than just a letter, document, or quote.


It’s time to look at engagement letters & proposals differently.

Your client experience can (and will) be so much better with Canopy Engagements.



One-stop Client Portal 

Send an engagement, collect payment, and more with a secure, branded, highly-rated web & mobile app. It does so much, it's like our Swiss Army Portal, minus the weird toothpick thingie.


Automate proposal workflows

You’ve already outlined the work and commitments you’re going to do in the proposal. With Canopy, you simply connect task templates to create your projects automatically. (We're quite proud we didn't say "automagically.")


More control over your revenue

By outlining rates, payment terms, service items, and delivery dates, you’ll decrease scope creep, delayed payments, and write ups/downs. Clarity is always a good thing.


Our templatized process helps you hit every last detail. 


Templatize each item you plan to offer as a firm in your engagement letters with a name, description, associated service item, rate, rate type, and billing frequency. Add as many engagement items to an engagement letter as you would like. Designate assignees and signers, then start logic. Canopy makes sure you don't miss a proverbial dotted i or
crossed t.


Get the firm-wide view youve dreamed of.


Before Canopy, the only place to get this kind of deep-dive view? Your dreams. But now you can dive deep into engagements and proposals across the firm. Know what’s partially accepted and see pending signatures. Sort by accepted date. See progress on tasks associated with the engagement. Filter by assignee. Positively dreamy, if you ask us.

From proposal to payment, Canopy’s got you covered.


Engagements are your firms first impression. Make it impressive.


Prospects access your engagement through a convenient secure link and guided through a wizard (automated guide, sorry, no magic wands or silly hats) that outlines the services, terms, and acceptance requirements (signature and payment). They can download the accepted proposal for their records if they'd like.


Delegate your busywork to tech. Really.

Stop manually creating work after an engagement has been signed. With Canopy, all of the work details disclosed in the engagement will be created automatically upon acceptance. Who doesn’t want to increase both speed to completion & accuracy, and decrease administrative hassle?


Frequently Asked Questions

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We've got you covered. Check out our in-depth Canopy Engagements Demo here.

With Canopy Engagements you get all of the benefits of Practice Management in the same solution. Automate project management at the moment of acceptance, eliminating much of your administrative busy work pertaining to onboarding a new client. You will also be able to directly associate service items within Canopy onto your engagement. Because these tools or solutions are separate softwares, you have to rely on integrations to push client or prospect details into your practice management software, and you still have to manually create the projects and tasks.

Compare Canopy and Practice Ignition
Compare Canopy and Proposify
Compare Canopy and Anchor

With the Engagement builder, it's possible to create engagement item templates specific to your firm and then customize for each prospect or client. Simply take the information you’ve already established and populate it into the existing fields in the engagement item template and save. And because engagements can be rather custom for each prospect or client, you can then take any or multiple engagement item templates to create each engagement needed. For active engagements, you can upload the formal document into the file section of the client record.

Engagements is included standard with our base product, Client Engagement. This includes the engagement builder, the client acceptance experience, eSignatures, and engagement management as well as all of the traditional functionality of our CRM.

Not only will you be able to track engagements at a high level, but you’ll be able to sort and filter by several attributes. You can go directly to the engagement or the client from the list as well as see the progress on the associated tasks with each engagement. Check on engagements assigned to a specific role, team or individual. See who still needs to sign a pending engagement.

Multiple signees can be added to an engagement included in the cost of the standard product.

No. With secure link technology, prospects can go through a branded and guided experience without logging into a portal. Clients with a client portal can either receive and interact with an engagement through the secure link technology or via the client portal– whatever works best for you and your client.

Canopy's Client Engagement includes Engagements & Proposals, which is usually accomplished through another software.  We help you eliminate software creep and make the most of your software spend. Not only that, but since Engagements lives side by side with our CRM, payment, and project management software, you can pull from those data fields as you're building an Engagement. Instantly associate service items and rates. Automatically kick off tasks while creating the engagement for easy project management.