What Separates Canopy from Ignition?

All-in-one practice management makes sure you do more with less (software, that is).

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Proposal to payment, faster.

With engagement templates and a branded client wizard, you can quickly onboard any new client. Build a proposal, send it, and get acceptance in no time.  Just let our all-in-one practice management software (that just got more all-in-one’d) help you do more accounting and less of everything else (busywork, trying to find a softer synonym for “late”, etc) .

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Customizable Engagements

Unlimited eSignatures

Automate invoice creation

Automate task creation

Collect & save payment details

Customize billing frequency

Service Item Reporting

Productivity Reporting

Custom domain & client portal

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Customizable Engagements

Unlimited eSignatures

Automate invoice creation

Automate task creation

Collect & save payment details

Customize billing frequency

Service Item Reporting

Productivity Reporting

Custom domain & client portal

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4.5 stars on Capterra

I've been a Canopy user for several years now and they truly care about their customers. I switched to Canopy because they were able to offer all the services I needed for my practice in one application.

Jessie B. / CPA Firm President

Engagements-Client Portal

Provide a singular, world-class client experience

Why do so many firms get hoodwinked into having multiple portals when, by definition, a portal should be a single point of entry? Stop doing this to your clients. Instead, give them the modern digital experience they’re used to—a la apps like DoorDash, Instagram, and Netflix. Canopy’s client portal app is the highest rated in the industry, which means you no longer have an excuse for having more than one (less highly-rated) portal.

What Makes Canopy Better


Easy & Quick to Learn

Canopy Engagements is straightforward and intuitive. Already know your terms, rates, tasks, and billing details? It’s as simple as following a short form fill process. And if you don’t, the process guides you through all of the questions you need to answer. Answer them once, and PRESTO! Your word doc just turned into a real engagement. No magic necessary.


Improves Cashflow

The most complex problems can often be solved with the simplest solutions. Forget that Aged Receivables. Quit trying to pester clients to make payments. Stop giving yourself gray hair (or pulling it out in frustration). Instead, use Engagements to communicate service-level agreements with easy to understand rates & billing terms. Collect and save payment details up front so you can run automated payments or quickly bill for ad-hoc services.


Get Paid Fast

Two business days. Reliably. That’s it. That's the blurb.

Practice Management should include Engagements.

With Canopy, it does.


No more debtors!

It hasn’t always been standard practice in accounting to collect payment upfront. Hourly billing makes that tricky. But that leaves accountants between a rock (collect upfront) and a hard place (bill for how much you work and then get stuck with aged receivables). No, thanks. With Canopy, you can allow clients and prospects to make a payment as a part of accepting your proposal, while also giving them the option to save their payment details to their client portal. And recurring billing makes it even more seamless.



All-in-one engagements, document storage, & more 

It shouldn't be too much to ask to cover everything with one software, should it? Do it all with Canopy– eSignatures, Engagements, Payments, and document management. Send a proposal, collect payment details, request an eSignature, and store that proposal on their client record. But don’t stop there. Collect eSignatures for any other type of document. Request receipts and tax documents in a branded and secure portal. Send invoices. Collect payments for ad-hoc work (you don’t have to use an engagement for everything if you don’t want to). Kick off task creation upon acceptance of an engagement. We don't use “all-in-one” casually.

“We really appreciate the support team that were assigned to us for implementation. The transition from our previous software was seamless. Their customer support has been very helpful.”

Nathan G. / Small Business

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“I switched to Canopy because they were able to offer all the services I needed for my practice in one application... They provide simple to use solutions for CRM, communication, client portal, and workflow management... Canopy makes it possible for all my clients to be under one "CANOPY". ”

Danny N. / Founding Partner

“I'm elated to have Canopy as a portal to allow my clients to easily upload their documents. Most clients have welcomed the shift to using Canopy as it is user friendly.”

Lisa B. / Owner

“Having a secure online portal made the need to meet face to face not necessary. Our firm is trying to determine if being 100% virtual is possible. Without Canopy, we couldn't even have that conversation.”

Jon F. / CEO

“Canopy's features are amazing, but the best thing about them is their response to consumer feedback, willingness to adapt their software, and support staff.”

Cassandra H. / Office Manager

“You get everything all in one. Communications, data management, workflow and billing. All of it flows incredibly well into each other and maximizes efficiency.”

Adam R. / Payroll Professional

Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t find the answer you are looking for? Reach out to our support team.

Engagements, engagement letters, proposals and other similar terms are used interchangeably or to mean specific things in a specific firm’s operations. Engagement Letters, as a term, seems to be the most non-modern from this list of terms. Canopy offers the ability to create templates and compose all of the information an accountant needs to communicate with a client that has traditionally been communicated through an Engagement Letter. We do not call this an engagement letter because it is not a static document, rather a guided experience.

Anytime functionality is in the same system, data transfers and works better.  With Engagements in Canopy, you’ll be able to easily pull in client data as you build an engagement and automate task creation once an engagement is accepted. No duplicates. No broken connections.

Users can build templates for Engagement Items, the building blocks of an engagement. This includes the service item you’re linking it to, billing frequencies, payment requirements, terms, assignments, and task automation. Use these templates to build custom engagements while still following firm protocols.

No. ESignatures are included in the functionality. Add as many signees as you need to each engagement. There are no limits in the month either.

Engagements is included in our base module, Client Engagement. Get a CRM, branded and secure Client Portal, email integration, and team management side by side with Engagements.