Workflow Automation

Make the workflow robots do the work for you.

Use your brainpower where its really needed
(and not where its not).

Delegate your busywork to tech. Really.


Do more, click less 

Workflow automation is the technology equivalent of a lever and fulcrum. Move more with less force. Simple physics.


Increase accuracy

Automation decreases human error & delay, particularly in busy season when it may seem hard to keep your head on your shoulders.


Ensure adherence

No more “Oh, Becky does things her own way.” Get things done the same way, with the same level of accuracy, no matter who owns the task. (Ahem, Becky.)

Automation_Template Automation_Client Reminders Automation_Recurring tasks Automation_Triggers Automation_Schedule reports

Workflow Automation

The Jetsons really got a lot of things right.

Apply automation rules to tasks, subtasks, and client requests within your preset workflow templates. Choose from a variety of different conditions and actions to automatically initiate custom, specific actions. This can help you and your staff save time and streamline your process.

Never send a manual reminder to your clients again. Canopy does the pesky reminding for you, so you can keep your cool, even with the most tardy of clients. Set up reminders to be as frequent or sparse as you’d like. 

Create logic that manages the tasks you do regularly. Choose exactly how you would like to have the task recur (after one is completed or based on a due date). No need to recreate, even if you have a template. 

Reduce the mental load that goes into managing your firm’s workflow by automating tasks and subtasks. Choose from a list of triggering actions including (but not limited to):

  • Once a task is created then send a client email or notify an assignee
  • When a task status is changed then create another task, record a date, send a client email, send a team member a notification, or set an assignee
  • Send a reminder to the correct team member when a task or subtask approaches it’s due date

Automatically keep stakeholders informed on firm initiatives. Emailed reports will include either a CSV or PDF of the Liveboard for easy viewing. Whether you access the raw data directly in the product or via download, you’ll always be able to see and access your data. It’s your data, after all.

“One of the best aspects of [Canopy] is its ability to automate many time-consuming tasks, such as data entry and bank reconciliation, which helps save time and increase efficiency.”

Abhishek M. / Canopy User

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