Canopy is your firm-wide operating system.

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Accounting practice management software

What is a "firm-wide operating system"?

Canopy is a comprehensive, all-in-one solution for accounting firms. Canopy's modules are designed to integrate into your firm and work seamlessly. Finally the ability to manage your clients, team and tasks in a single place.


Complete practice management (and more!)

Canopy allows you to access all its features, regardless of the specific module you’re in, seamlessly. This not only enhances productivity but also aligns with our AI data capabilities.

Practice Management
customer journey coverage

Total customer journey control

Canopy’s user-friendly interface efficiently handles client relationships, engagement, proposals, document management, invoices, payments and workflows in one practice management system.

simplified payments

Simplified payments

Canopy includes a robust, integrated payment system for your convenience. Collect client payments conveniently (by credit card or ACH), quickly, and directly in the Client Portal (web or mobile apps).

engagement and proposals

Streamlined engagements & proposals

Our solution offers interactive features within document management, such as annotations and e-signatures, all seamlessly integrated.

Engagements & Proposals
data analytics

Powerful data analytics

Canopy’s insights tools provide comprehensive data analysis, all within the Canopy solution. With your data and data analysis tools under the same roof, you can know exactly what is going on with your firm at any time.

seamless automation

Easy and built-in automation

Our accounting software is crucial for precision, efficiency and minimizing errors. It frees practitioners from tedious tasks, allowing them to prioritize strategic planning and foster client relationships-key for business growth.

ai integration

Intelligent AI integration

We strategically integrate AI throughout our software to enhance its functionality, and we are continuously optimizing our systems with AI integration.

partner needs

Focus on partner needs

Meet high-level performance requirements of accounting firms large and small. Fully cloud-based and mobile friendly, Canopy ensures easy access to data anytime, anywhere.

Data-Driven Firm
firm personas

Tailored to accounting firms 

Canopy caters to the specific needs of key functions and positions within accounting firms.

Practice Optimization

“Canopy has helped me improve the remote part of my business, so I can serve Clients around the world, even when I am not in the US. The better-than-bank security made the choice a no-brainer.”

Joshua G. / Canopy Customer

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