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Accounting firm management can be done from anywhere.



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Get work done when and how you want.

C'mon, it's 2024! Mobile practice management is non-negotiable.

Cloud Based Remote Access

Cloud-based & remote mobile access

Where there's Wi-Fi, there can be work. You don't need your computer to get (or give) quick updates, take notes on the go, or otherwise work remotely on (just spitballing here) the beach. 


Accessibility & flexibility

Mobile means you're no longer tethered to your computer. You can be doing one thing in Canopy on your laptop while checking another Canopy module on your phone. We're not saying you can be two places at the same time. But we're not not saying that.

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Secure & fast 

We know how sensitive your data is and treat it accordingly. Rest assured: however you access that data, it’s safe (and quickly accessible) with Canopy.

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Practice Management Mobile App

Make your firm modern and accessible

Jump into tasks and see all crucial information: due dates, status, client name, task name, progress, assignments. Once in the task, you can edit the task, add subtasks, leave comments, access and upload files, change the status or priority, and take notes.

Your firm likely stores a lot of data. To help you find things quickly and efficiently, use the saved filter views to surface the tasks or clients you’re looking for.

See the full list of clients or access a pre-built filter. Within each profile, you can take care of a multitude of tasks on the go—from sending a client portal invitation to calling or texting your client (no need to store their numbers directly in your personal phone).

Quickly locate files and make them visible for the client in their individual client portal, with a click of your thumb (or index finger, if that's your thing).

Capture images of your documents with your phone’s camera and the app will convert them into a professional PDF format (no more screenshots, pictures, or funny file formats). You can also upload images and files individually or multiple at a time from your mobile device or computer from Dropbox, Google Drive, or their hard drive. 

One click and you can start your timer. Fill in the details to associate the timer with a client, task, and subtask at any point as your timer is running.

Users can utilize secure access with two-factor authentication, encryption on the web and Touch or Face ID to safely and quickly log into their app. The days of forgotten passwords could be behind you.

“Canopy allows me peace of mind when working remotely with Clients who are spread out nationwide as well as globally; it doesn't hurt that I can also work from anywhere that has an internet connection.”

Josh G. / Canopy User

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Apple Users   download-app-store

4-8 stars   4.8 Stars; 450 Ratings

  • “We have been able to adapt really well to Canopy as part of our practice. It’s convenient and practical to have all client info concentrated in one place and to provide them their own login access to the client portal. I tell them that our office provides them with their very own digital file vault where their information is securely stored and accessible at any time.”
  • “I feel that I can ask for assistance and [Canopy] doesn’t just provide feedback, [they] literally update the software to fix things that I come across. I’ve never had a company take tech issues so seriously. I feel this last update was just for me.”

Android Users   google-play-badge@2x

4-6 stars   4.8 Stars; 107 Ratings

  • “A neccesary application if you are doing business virtually!”
  • “I like the mobile app even better than the cloud-based app.”
  • “This software is making our tax office operate so much smoother. It is so nice to have all the info we need in one convenient spot! Even the feedback we give is taken into consideration and implemented quickly.”

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