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Tax Preparation and Planning

How Tax Firms Are Pricing Their Tax Preparation Services in 2020

We recently gathered data from hundreds of tax professionals to find out how tax firms are pricing their tax preparation services ...

Tax Preparation and Planning

5 Ways Businesses Can Maximize Cash Flow Under the CARES Act

Steve Moskowitz of Moskowitz LLP rounded up 5 ways businesses can maximize cash flow under the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Econom...

Tax Preparation and Planning

Why Taxpayers Are More Likely to Use DIY Software Than an Accountant

Taxpayers are more than 2x more likely to use DIY software than an accountant to file their taxes, but why? Canopy commissioned an...

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Tax Preparation and Planning

What You Need to Know About Filing IRS Form 5472

If you have business clients with full or partial foreign ownership, they must file IRS Form 5472. Here's what you need to know!

Tax Preparation and Planning

3 Tax Issues to Consider for High-Income Individuals

High-income taxpayers have a unique set of tax issues that can become complicated without the help of a tax pro.

Tax Preparation and Planning

10 Tax Preparer Penalties to Avoid

Don't risk triggering these 10 IRS tax preparer penalties. Learn what to avoid and how you can help your clients avoid unnecessary...

taxes in 2019
Tax Preparation and Planning

How Taxes Are Expected to Change in 2019

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act passed in 2017 created more than 600 rule changes. Here's how those rules affect taxes in 2019.

Tax Preparation and Planning

What You Need to Know About IRS Form 8855

There are both advantages and disadvantages to filing IRS Form 8855, but in this post we take a look at why a client would want to...

Form 941
Tax Preparation and Planning

Form 941: The Lookback Period and Deposit Schedules

Employers can get a better understanding of the lookback period and deposit schedules for Form 941 in this article. Learn more her...

Tax Preparation and Planning

5 Misconceptions About Tax Refunds According to the IRS

As an accounting professional, you can debunk some of the most common misconceptions around tax refunds and the IRS. See what the ...

Form 2553
Tax Preparation and Planning

Form 2553: An Overview of Who, When, and Why

Are you helping a small business client make an S corp election? Here's a quick look at what you need to know about Form 2553!

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