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May 9, 2023 3 min read

Canopy Partner Connect

Canopy Partner Connect — our service provider partner program that provides our customers support by partnering with top service providers in the industry.

Canopy Partner Connect

At Canopy, we understand how critical it is to have access to trusted and reliable partners who can help you achieve your goals. To assist you in finding the missing piece to your puzzle, Canopy is excited to announce Canopy Partner Connect — our service provider partner program, which aims to provide our customers with even more value and support by partnering with top service providers in the industry.


Canopy Partner Connect creates an ecosystem of partners that helps Canopy customers maximize their Canopy investment through consulting, coaching, implementation services, and advice on a wide range of services that complement Canopy's software. Whether you need technical support or expert training on complex security issues, our partners are here to help. By leveraging our community of partners, you'll have access to the knowledge and expertise needed to grow your business, increase efficiency, and stay ahead of the competition.


Our launch partners include:

  • Genwise: a technology consulting firm that helps accounting firms implement and optimize the latest software and tools.
  • Future Firm: a community of forward-thinking accounting firm leaders who share best practices, insights, and advice for running successful and innovative firms.
  • Intraprise TechKnowlegies: a consulting firm specializing in organizational development, business process outsourcing, and technology advisory for accounting firms.
  • Nerds Support: an IT services provider specializing in supporting accounting firms focusing on security, compliance, and disaster recovery.
  • Rootworks: based on decades of accounting professional experience, Rootworks has developed an arsenal of tools and resources that help you overcome critical issues and build a profitable and sustainable modern firm.
  • Right Networks: a preeminent accounting platform bringing together best-in-class accounting technology, data sharing and collaboration, productivity tools, and world-class guidance and support to make our customers more productive and profitable. 
  • Tech4Accountants: an IT services provider focused on helping accountants with cyber security and WISP compliance.
  • Tech Guru: a leading provider of technology solutions for accounting firms that specializes in cloud computing, cybersecurity, and managed IT services.
  • Woodard: a consulting firm that provides training and support focusing on helping firms optimize their workflows and processes.
  • STRMS: Works with accounting firms to build automated workflows that eliminate manual work, saving your team hours each month to focus on profitable client work


Each partner has been selected based not only on their familiarity with Canopy, but due to their expertise, reputation, and wide range of services. By working with these partners, we offer our customers specialized services and support beyond what Canopy's software can provide alone.

We look forward to working with our partners to provide our customers with the best possible experience and continue to lead the industry in accounting solutions. 

If you are interested in learning more about Canopy's partners or becoming a partner yourself, you can learn more at Canopy’s Partner Page.


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