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The Ultimate Guide to IRS Forms

Need help filling out IRS forms? Check out Canopy's ultimate guide to filling out IRS forms.

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Video: Tips for Filling Out IRS Form 8821

Need help filling out IRS form 8821? The 8821 can be tricky, but we've got the tips and tricks you need to make sure your tax info...

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How to Price Your Accounting Services: One Simple Strategy To Make More Money

Want to know how to price your accounting services? Check out this simple strategy that will help you make a better pricing plan a...

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The First Step to Starting a Virtual Tax Practice

We recently teamed up with Jason Blumer, owner of Blumer CPAs, to write an ebook about starting a virtual tax practice.

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Why Canopy is a Unique Place for Software Engineers

Tech startups in need of engineers are sprouting up all across the Silicon Slopes, but the Canopy engineering team is unique.

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How Bitcoin Solves The Problem of Digital Money (Plus a Free Blockchain Ebook!)

Bitcoin is everywhere, but what's the big deal? Bitcoin solves the biggest problem with digital money. Read on to see how.

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4.5 Ways Tax Professionals Can Shorten Hold Time With The IRS

Waiting on hold with the IRS is the worst. Having a few strategies in your toolbox can go a long way in having more effective call...

5 Things to Consider When Starting a Tax Practice
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5 Things to Consider When Starting a Tax Practice

So you’re taking the leap from employee to tax practice owner. We’ve rounded up five of the most important considerations.

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4 Advanced Tips for Improving Your Paperless Organization

To optimize the efficiency going paperless can bring to your practice, you need to standardize your system of organization.

Spend Less Time on Email
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Your Easy, Two-Step Plan to Spend Less Time on Email

Don't let your email workload overwhelm you. Read on for our two best tips for how to master your inbox and spend less time on ema...

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5 Biggest Mistakes People Make in Dealing with the IRS

Former IRS agent Michael Raanan discusses five of the biggest mistakes people make in dealing with the IRS.

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