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Tax Resolution

The 2020 Guide to Getting Your Client's Offer in Compromise Accepted

Give each of your clients’ OIC applications the best chance of being accepted by following our step-by-step guide for success. Lea...

10 Benefits of Managing a Virtual Tax Practice
Practice Management

10 Benefits of Managing a Virtual Tax Practice

Just like many other small businesses today, you can create a virtual team for your tax practice and achieve massive success doing...

August Product Highlight

Canopy Product Highlight: August 2019

In the month of August, we were busy enhancing the functionality of our mobile app, client portal, and task workspace.

Tax Preparation and Planning

10 Tax Preparer Penalties to Avoid

Don't risk triggering these 10 IRS tax preparer penalties. Learn what to avoid and how you can help your clients avoid unnecessary...

Client Portal (3)

Feature Update: Improved Client Portal Functionality

Check out these two new things you can do with Canopy's client portal.

taxes in 2019
Tax Preparation and Planning

How Taxes Are Expected to Change in 2019

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act passed in 2017 created more than 600 rule changes. Here's how those rules affect taxes in 2019.

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Canopy Product Highlight: July 2019

July was full of exciting enhancements and updates for Canopy, including more features for Tax Prep, Practice Management, and Mobi...

Tax Preparation and Planning

What You Need to Know About IRS Form 8855

There are both advantages and disadvantages to filing IRS Form 8855, but in this post we take a look at why a client would want to...

Practice Management

How to Reactivate Your Suspended e-Services Account

If the IRS suspends your e-Services account, follow these steps to get it reactivated.

Tax Resolution

4 Ways to Get More Tax Resolution Clients

Looking for more tax resolution clients? Here are 4 ways to attract more prospective clients & build up your practice for year-rou...

Marketing Your Practice

10 Podcasts to Make You a Better Tax Pro

Ditch that dusty paperback and try listening to these 10 podcasts for tax professionals.

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