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Oct 6, 2017 2 min read

Keith Jones, CPA: An All-In-One Software Solution

Keith Jones, CPA joins us to discuss how Canopy is the perfect software solution for making his expanding practice run more smoothly.

Keith Jones, CPA: An All-In-One Software Solution

Keith Jones, CPA, is a busy tax resolution expert and a Canopy user. He currently practices primarily in rural northwest Florida, but is actively expanding his market to Jacksonville. So how does he have time to talk to us? Maybe because his tax resolution cases take a quarter of the time they did before he started using Canopy. Not bad.

For this User Story, we chatted with Keith about how Canopy fits into his daily work routine, and how his tax resolution cases take 75% less time with Canopy.

How do you use Canopy on a day to day basis?

I use it for almost everything—tax resolution work, of course, but it’s more than tax resolution software. Canopy makes it easy to do all my professional emailing, set automated client reminders, and request and access files, all in the same place. It’s all the stuff you’d expect from a practice management software and then some. Canopy is quickly becoming an all-in-one software for my practice.

What do you mean by “and then some”?

The software does some things I didn’t have a good way to do before. For instance, I’m working with a guy out of Orlando who’s doing some review stuff for me, and task management has been a lifesaver. I’ve got several tasks set up for him right now, and Canopy is the only real way I have to track what’s going on. Before, I didn’t have a good way to do that.

Can you quantify how Canopy has changed how you work?

These things can be hard to quantify exactly, but the easiest example is probably the way Canopy saves me time on tax resolution work. The software has helped me become so much more efficient doing tax resolution, and there are few reasons for that. Not only does the software create efficiencies, I’ve learned to do tax resolution faster by using the software. I’d say that my average tax res case takes 75% less time now, compared to before I started using Canopy.

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