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Practice Management

How to Get the Most Out of Your Seasonal Staff This Tax Season

Want to get more out of your seasonal staff this tax season? We've got a few suggestions to help your seasonal staff be more succe...

Practice Management

7 New Year's Resolutions for Tax and Accounting Professionals

We rounded up seven resolutions for tax and accounting professionals to consider this year.

Canopy Features and News

New Feature: Canopy Desktop Assistant

Desktop assistant will enable you to select files from your computer and send them to a contact’s folder in Canopy.

Industry News

3 Things to Know for Tax Year 2019

Learn about the changes and adjustments taking place for the 2019 tax season, and help your clients file their returns. Download t...

Tax Resolution

How Teaming Up with a Tax Attorney Can Benefit Your Clients and Your Accounting Practice

Guest author and tax attorney, Steve Moskowitz, discusses 4 ways tax preparers can benefit from collaborating with a tax attorney.

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Canopy Features and News

New Feature: Client Organizer

Introducing Canopy’s client organizer—a seamless and intuitive way to collect important tax information and forms all in one place...

Tax Preparation and Planning

Why Taxpayers Are More Likely to Use DIY Software Than an Accountant

Taxpayers are more than 2x more likely to use DIY software than an accountant to file their taxes, but why? Canopy commissioned an...

Practice Management

How to Volunteer Your Time as a Tax Professional

As an accounting or tax professional, you have a unique skill set to offer your community by volunteering. Learn about the differe...

Canopy Features and News

Canopy Product Highlight: November 2019

We’ve worked diligently to add in-demand tools to better streamline your work and enhance communication with your clients.

Task Workspace Client Request Header (1)

Feature Updates: Client Requests in the Task Workspace, Recurring Payments

We’ve been working hard to bring you feature updates to improve your workflow efficiency and client communications.

Canopy Features and News

Canopy Announces Davis Bell as Its New CEO and Raises $13 Million in Funding

With the announcement of a new CEO and $13 million raised in funding, Canopy continues to empower accounting practices nationwide....

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