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Traditional CRM vs. Accounting CRM

Did you know that Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems can increase customer retention rates by 27% and improve customer relationships in 74% of businesses? It's no...

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Top 6 Best Accounting CRMs - 2024

Leveraging the right Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is key to enhancing efficiency, improving client relations, and driving business growth. This post delves into...

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Canopy Demo Sweepstakes

Presenters: Michael Salmon, Canopy Eric Bonney, Managing Shareholder, Harvest Tax & Accounting Services Rekha Nomula, Operations Manager, AppleTree...

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Unlocking Efficiency: The Power of a Firm-Wide Operating System

For the accounting firm focused on maximizing profit and efficiency, antiquated practice management solutions that only meet a few needs are no longer sufficient for accounting...

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AI in the Accounting Industry: Capabilities and Limitations

Integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) into the accounting sector has been a game-changer, offering unprecedented efficiency improvements and accuracy levels. However, while AI...

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Files Interface Redesign

What's new: We are thrilled to announce the launch of the Files Interface Redesign within Canopy's Document Management module. This update transforms the way Canopy users interact...

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Randy Johnston Talks About Accounting Trends, Selecting a Vertical,...

Randy Johnston, executive vice president of K2 Enterprises, sits down with Canopy to discuss his 30+ years in accounting and technology. In the episode Randy discusses the need...

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Building an Outstanding Team: Wisdom Gained from Two Decades of...

With over twenty years dedicated to nurturing team growth, Jason Blumer has gained a profound understanding of the pivotal role team building plays in a company's expansion....

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Accounting Templates: A Canopy Guide

In accounting, efficiency isn't just a goal — it's a necessity. Thankfully, accounting templates offer a bridge to this efficiency, providing a foundation for standardization,...

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Quick Pay

What's new: With the latest update, clients now have the flexibility to pay their invoices directly through a secure link, bypassing the need to log into the Client Portal. As a...

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10 Best Practice Management Software for Accountants — 2024

With the technological transformation that's taking place in the business landscape, the importance of having the right practice management software has never been more critical...

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Building the Ideal Team in Your Accounting Firm

How to Write a Letter of Disengagement with Free Template

As a professional accountant, there may come a time when you need to end an engagement with a client. A conclusion to a client relationship could be due to several reasons, such...

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Ben Richmond on the Benefits of the Cloud and the Future Role of...

In this episode, Ben Richmond, the U.S. Country Manager for Xero talks about the benefits of shifting your accounting firm to the cloud. He also delves into the difference between...

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24 for 2024: New Workflow Templates with Automations

Updated Tax-Specific Accounting Workflow Templates: At Canopy, we’ve recently improved 24 of our accounting and tax workflow templates by adding helpful automations to save you...

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