Easily Set Up Automated Late Fees

What's new: Encourage on-time payments from your clients by setting up automated late fees. With a simple setting option within Canopy, you can automatically apply late fees to...

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Empowering Women in the Workplace

As we near the end of Women’s History Month (WHM), I want to give voice to our journey as women in the workplace. The theme of this year’s WHM is “Celebrating Women Who Tell Our...

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Quickly Upload Files with a Secure Link

What's new: Collect documents faster from clients and stakeholders using a secure link without the need to log into a client portal. Canopy users can easily send a secure link via...

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on demand
Two Clicks to Transcripts with Dawn Brolin

In this webinar, Dawn Brolin discusses the firm-wide benefits of Canopy's Transcripts & Notices tool and how it's increased the value of her firm,...

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Q&A — Filing a Form 2848 for Your Tax Clients

In our recent webinar, "Two Clicks to Transcripts with Dawn Brolin," Dawn discussed the firm-wide benefits of Canopy's Transcripts & Notices tool and how it's increased the value...

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Get Paid Faster — 3 Ways to Optimize Payments Processing at Your...

Getting paid is how your accounting firm will stay successful — there's no way around it. When it comes to navigating the nuances of getting paid, it's never simple. Here are top...

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Celebrate Pi Day 2023: What Pie Flavor Are You?

Happy Pi Day! March 14th is celebrated around the world as Pi Day in honor of the mathematical constant pi (3.14). While mathematicians and scientists celebrate Pi Day with...

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Top 10 Influential Women in Accounting and Tax in 2023

Women make up nearly 60% of the accounting service industry according to 2022 data. In honor of International Women's Day, we rounded up a list of the Top 10 Innovative Women in...

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Financial Harmony Tax Resolution: Increased Job Satisfaction With...

"I like to keep everything in one place. Canopy is perfect for that." — Ralph Nelson, of Financial Harmony Tax Resolution Background Charlie hadn't filed a tax return in 20 years...

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Pass Credit Card Fees to Clients with Surcharging on Canopy Payments

What's New: Canopy customers* now have the ability to enable surcharging for credit card fees in most states**. Surcharging allows a firm to provide their clients with the...

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Future of Accounting: 5 Ways to Innovate in 2023

We live in a time where the "best" accounting practices change daily. Keeping track of all the changes in the industry between updates and tech can be overwhelming. Today, most...

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Hurwitz Tax Solutions: Canopy’s Collections Workflow Reduces...

"Everyone is so computer savvy these days. When my clients sit down to fill out the survey on Canopy, it feels easier." — Lewis Hurwitz, of Hurwitz Tax Solutions. Background The...

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Easily Share Files with Anyone Using a Secure Link

What's New: Sharing a file with clients or key stakeholders has just gotten easier. Now you can send a file using a secure link. Recipients will receive an email (to the one you...

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Northwest Tax Associates: Faster and More Secure with Canopy

"I’m able to spend more quality time with my clients. And because I’m more organized and the client has already been able to complete a lot of the paperwork through the client...

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Break Down the Email Silo Without Losing Security and Control

What's New: Canopy already de-siloed email with the global inbox, sharing inboxes, and the communication tab. With privatizing emails, you get the perfect balance of breaking down...

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