Secure Document Storage

Store and protect an unlimited amount of files.

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Securely store & manage your files

Canopy is like the moat...wall…safe room...or vault—maybe all of the above—protecting all of your (and your clients') files from bad actors.

File storage shouldn’t be an exclusive club; it should be the world’s biggest (and most organized and very very secure) garage. Canopy makes sure you always have enough easy-access storage.

​​Uploading documents shouldn't be a headache. Do it painlessly with Canopy’s document management solutions. In fact, why not just import all your files at once? Now, that’s easy migration. Canopy also makes sure you always have enough easy-access storage.

Canopy doesn’t just make accounting easier for you; we do the same for your clients—with the ability to easily upload files to Canopy via our user-friendly (and secure and customizable) client portal.

You handle a lot of sensitive documents—both client and internal. At Canopy, we take it seriously to protect this data in transit and at rest. We utilize AWS servers and leverage their highly secure methods to protect that data that you store in Canopy. We also regularly back-up our database as an additional safeguard. Should you wish to backup any file, it’s easy to download and save it locally.

edit local files sync w canopy organized folder structure

Intuitively manage files in the cloud.

Edit files and documents directly housed in the drive on your Windows computer with any third-party software that you use on your computer.

Canopy’s Virtual Drive allows for users to move files in and out of the drive on a Windows computer using and have those files sync to Canopy when a proper internet connection is made. 

Folders inside of the Virtual Drive mirror the same folder structure that exists in Canopy, helping keep files organized. Check out this blog about Simplifying your file management with Canopy’s Virtual Drive.


Streamline File Upload & Interaction

Bridging the gap between Canopy and the other programs you use.

  • Print/Scan to Canopy
  • Migrate Files
  • Edit Files in Native Programs
  • and More!

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