Integrate Canopy with Quickbooks Online

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Sync contacts, service items, and invoices.

We know that there are times you need to work in Quickbooks Online...but you no longer need to juggle multiple systems on a daily basis. Do the work in Canopy where you are working on a daily basis and Canopy will send that work to Quickbooks Online for the occasions that you need to access it there, no double entry needed. 

If you are a Quickbooks user, Canopy can now truly be your system of record for client information.  Simply integrate your Canopy account with Quickbooks Online and your contact updates in Canopy will flow through to Quickbooks Online and even to Pro Connect Tax online.  Using Canopy gives you the ultimate transparency and visibility into your entire workflow: clients, time tracking, invoices and payments.  There is no need to leave Canopy to send invoices in Quickbooks Online, but you can rest assured that the information will still be in Quickbooks Online when it's needed.

A few of the benefits of using Canopy with Quickbooks Online integration

  • Save time by minimizing the "back and forth" between platforms. 
  • No other competitor offers the ability to sync contacts, service items, invoices, payments, and deposits to Quickbooks Online. Our complete integration makes the bank reconciliation process the simplest on the market when working with Quickbooks Online.
  • Tie service items to income accounts.
  • Give your clients a better experience with our highly ranked mobile app and user friendly client portal.
  • The Quickbooks Online integration is part of Canopy's Time & Billing Software Module

Our new Quickbooks Online integration is just a small part of Canopy's practice management suite.  

Canopy is a full-suite practice management solution for accountants.  Canopy offers workflow, document management, and seamless client communications tools all in one cloud-based platform.  

  • Client Management, including a Client Portal and Client Mobile App
  • Document Management
  • Workflow
  • Client Portal App
  • Payments
  • Time & Billing

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