Billing & Invoicing

Manage all of your billing in one place.


Sync data between Quickbooks and Canopy

Sharing information between tools doesn't have to be hard. Learn more about Canopy's Quickbooks integration.

  • Sync service items and locations
  • Sync categories and classes
  • Sync payments
CUSTOMIZABLE RATES Work in Progress Automated Late Fees Billing Permissions Time Expense Management Reporting & Analysis Client Portal Payments

Easily calculate & manage client billing

Track billable services and products, calculate charges, and manage accounts receivable.

Pricing should have the flexibility to price the way you want. Price by time, price by service, price by employee. And use multiple rates!

Unbilled work. Employee rate totals. Fixed service rate totals by client. Canopy’s WIP summary lets you see it all and flow it directly to invoicing. And, what’s more, you can use it all for your firm’s benefit to see your revenue potential.

Encourage on-time client payments by enabling this feature to automatically apply late fees to past due invoices.

Looking to restrict access to billing information within Canopy? No problem. Easily create a dedicated billing permission for a specific individual (or individuals) to view and manage billing within Canopy. 

Enjoy two dedicated spaces to manage both time entries and expenses. Both time entries and expenses will appear on the productivity and WIP reports. Additionally, you can link or include time entries and expenses on client invoices. Learn more about time and expense management.

Canopy’s Time & Billing module includes a variety of reports and tables to help you keep a pulse on the health of your firm. Some of these reports include the time dashboard, capacity planning (also requires a Workflow license), WIP, productivity, and more. Learn more about Reporting & Analysis. 

Part of Canopy’s billing features include a section in the Client Portal for clients to view and manage their invoices. Learn more details about the Client Portal.

In addition to creating invoices and managing them from Canopy, you can also connect Canopy Payments with our integrated payment provider. Collect credit card and ACH payments, pass credit card fees with surcharging, and more. Learn more about Canopy Payments.

Customizable Invoices One-time Share Invoices Invoice Reminders Auto-link Time

Smoothly request payments

Invoice all in one place—no system-switching and no double entry necessary.

We don’t expect the same invoice format to work for everyone. So Canopy allows you to add your logo and configures them however works best for you—like rolling up multiple line items into a single line item, showing line items separately or grouped by service items, and showing or hiding specific columns.

It’s your firm and your clients, so invoice accordingly. Canopy lets you send out one-time invoices as needed, as well as regularly recurring or even scheduled-for-the-future invoices. Because invoicing isn’t one-size-(or interval)-fits-all.

Clients will never have to ask, “where’s that invoice?” again. That’s because the invoices you create in Canopy can always be easily accessed by clients via our customizable, web—and mobile-friendly—Client Portal. (Our Product team wants us to tell you it’s also highly rated. So there. Are you happy now, Mitchell?)

It’s time to celebrate—the days of having to manually remind your clients to pay an unpaid invoice are over! With automated invoice reminders, send a friendly email reminder a number of days before, on, or on a specified number of days after an invoice due date.

Choose to designate all time recorded for a specific contact to be automatically linked and added to recurring invoices. Once selected, any unbilled time entries recorded between the recurring intervals you choose will be automatically linked to the next recurring invoice for that specific contact.

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