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with Robert K. Minniti

Introduction to Forensic Accounting

Learning Objectives:

  • Upon completing this class you will be able to: 
    • Recognize what a forensic accountant does 
    • Identify professional associations and designations in the forensic accounting field 


Course Overview

Course Details
  • Level: Beginner
  • Cost: Free
  • Field of Study: Accounting
  • Advanced Prep: None
  • Credit Type: CPE
  • Credit Hours: 1
Course Description

With an estimated 10% increase in the need for accountants in the next 8 years, there is a special demand for forensic accountants. This forensic accounting and fraud examination course will examine the primary functions, certifications, qualifications, and an overview of forensic accounting. This forensic accounting course will detail how to use the avenues available in the field, common tips and tricks for testifying, and what to expect when working as a forensic accountant. Forensic accounting is important to law offices, consulting firms, law enforcement agencies, public accounting firms, and insurance companies.

What does a forensic accountant do? They investigate financial information to find lost money, and discover ways to get it back. A forensic accountant may be responsible to report what they have found at court hearings, serving as an expert witness. During an audit, the forensic accountant may go through these steps: 

  • Gathering Evidence: They gather evidence, searching for common signs of fraud. This could include asking questions of employees at the company under investigation. The uncovered data may lead to a theory of the fraud and further steps to confirm it.
  • Presenting Findings: The forensic accountant (or team of accounts) relays the evidence to the appropriate people at the company being audited. They may include recommendations about ways to prevent similar problems in the future, such as closing holes in security. 
  • Testifying in Court: If the incident goes to court, the forensic accountant may need to appear as an expert witness. They should make their evidence understandable to others.

This forensic accounting and fraud detection course will ensure that you understand what a forensic accountant does, know the professional designations and associations in the field, and what to expect when working as a forensic accountant. 

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