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with Robert E. McKenzie

Managing Ethical Dilemmas

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn about the new standards and penalties for tax preparers 
  • Understand the new Circular 230 duties
  • Learn about the potential conflicts of interest in terms of ethics
  • Know corrections of taxpayer mistakes 
  • Understand what fees are unconscionable
  • Understand the return of client records 
  • What taxpayer confidences may you disclose to the IRS? 


Course Overview

Course Details
  • Level: Beginner
  • Cost: Free
  • Field of Study: Ethics
  • Advanced Prep: None
  • Credit Type: CE & CPE
  • Credit Hours: 2
Course Description

We all try to do the right thing, but many of us have busy practices, and the accompanying pressures may cause us to inadvertently face ethical dilemmas in the accounting profession. If you work with financial matters such as taxes, ethical behavior is a vital aspect of your reputation. No matter what our current laws say, you should think carefully about best practices, such as reporting plain facts without manipulation. Decide in advance how you will act when faced with ethical dilemmas in accounting.


This course discusses the fact that Circular 230 has recently been revised, and it has imposed new duties and responsibilities upon practitioners who represent taxpayers before the IRS. Anyone who practices before the IRS must comply with these requirements.Circular 230 best practices govern the conduct and misconduct of tax practitioners. If you represent clients to any part of the IRS, especially if your services could ever lead to tax evasion or avoidance, Circular 230 ethics principles apply to you.


Every practitioner needs to understand his/her duties to the tax system and his/her client. This class will assist you in balancing those duties. It will also teach you: 

  • The latest standards for tax preparers, along with penalties for breaking them
  • Steps for solving ethical dilemmas in the accounting profession
  • How to think about conflicts of interest
  • What fees are considered reasonable and unreasonable
  • How to work with taxpayer mistakes
  • Considerations surrounding the return of client’s records
  • Taxpayer confidences you can disclose to the IRS
  • And more

You can better protect your client’s interests and your business reputation when you know how to solve ethical dilemmas in accounting. Sign up for this class through Canopy Tax today.


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