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with Tanya Baber

Penalty Abatement Basics

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand how and why penalties are calculated
  • Gain an understanding of the RCA and how it is used in the penalty abatement process
  • Learn about first-time abatement (FTA) techniques
  • Discover reasonable cause considerations and how they can be used


Course Overview

Course Details
  • Level: Beginner
  • Cost: Free
  • Field of Study: Taxes
  • Advanced Prep: None
  • Credit Type: CE & CPE
  • Credit Hours: 1
Course Description

This course is Part 1 of a comprehensive 2-part series intended to help you understand and become savvy with the IRS Penalty Abatement program. The IRS assesses millions of dollars of penalties against taxpayers daily. Many of those penalties are abated due to quality representation.

In this course, you’ll learn how to request abatement of tax penalties using reasonable cause, first-time abatement techniques, and other administrative options that may allow you to substantially reduce your clients’ penalties. We will cover these techniques and discuss how you can assist a client as their representative or help your client to do it themselves.


You’ll also get an introduction on: 

  • How and why penalties are calculated
  • What an RCA (reasonable cause assistant) is and how it is used in the penalty abatement process
  • Using first-time abatement (FTA) techniques
  • How you can discover reasonable cause considerations and how they can be used

What are tax penalties? They are additional fees assessed by the IRS against taxpayers who for various infractions, including: 

  • Filing taxes late
  • Failing to pay taxes owed
  • Failing to pay correctly
  • Submitting an inaccurate tax return
  • Failing to provide accurate information returns

The IRS can also charge interest on penalties that are not paid in full. Certain penalties are charged monthly until the full amount is paid. These penalties can place unnecessary stress on your clients’ finances, but we’ll teach you how to request abatement of IRS penalties, using effective techniques for reducing or canceling them. Imagine the loyalty you can win by assisting your clients in this way. Start your free course to acquire these useful skills.

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