Whether you’re a firm of a few or many, organizing, managing, and executing your daily work poorly can cause frustration, time, and even your reputation. Let Canopy’s Workflow module help you manage your projects, processes, and productivity so your firm can do more. 

Project Management

Manage all of the projects in your firm for each client by creating, organizing, and centralizing all of your tasks and subtasks. Record notes, track time, update statuses, examine a firm-wide view of tasks, and more to increase efficiency and make better business decisions.   

Process Management

Easily manage your work processes by implementing templates, setting recurring tasks, and executing multiple similar tasks at once. These will help you create consistency in your firm, which can save time and increase accuracy.


When your work requires multiple steps for every client, you can save valuable time and decrease human errors by utilizing client organizers, client requests, and automating repetitive tasks. These can help reduce the mental load that goes into setting up and managing your work.

Views & Filters

Gain key insights into all the work your firm has going on, who is doing what, how much work is happening, and more. Make better business decisions surrounding employee bandwidth constraints, stages each client is in, and more with this data.

Productivity Management

With the ability to track time on each task (as well against a budget amount of time) and to enter in one-off time entries, you can view valuable data to determine productivity within your firm. This can help with training purposes, client experience, and more.

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Canopy helps prevent anything from falling through the cracks with the task function. It helps with holding each other accountable and is super beneficial if anyone needs to pick up the task, especially with the notes function.

Michael S