Canopy's New IRS-Approved Transcripts Tool

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Pull Transcripts Instantly

Canopy was selected as one of just a handful of companies to be an official IRS partner in their new API transcript process. As such, Canopy has released a new Transcripts Tool.  This API allows you to instantly pull transcripts in a clean, easy-to-read format, complete with actionable recommendations.  

Pulling transcripts has never been easier or more secure.  

There is snail mail, the IRS website, and then there is Canopy.  Once you have established access to client records via a Form 8821 or Power of Attorney, you can handle transcripts entirely electronically with Canopy, from pulling transcripts to submission with Canopy's e-sign capabilities.  

Whether you want to use transcripts as a tool to vet potential clients, or to provide first-class service when clients receive notices, Canopy eliminates the pain point of pulling transcripts.  While other third-party electronic transcript tools have previously been available, going forward only tools approved to access a new IRS API will be able to pull transcripts online via a third-party platform.  

Perhaps the way you are used to pulling transcripts is no longer working.   Or maybe you just want to make the whole process better. Either way, it's time to take a look at Canopy. Plus...spoiler alert!...our team is deep into additional developments to make this tool even better. Stay tuned for info on those upgrades. 

The benefits of our new Transcripts Tool include:

  • Highest possible security
  • Improved reliability of data
  • Increased tool stability
  • Access to entire transcripts plus a summarized version that is easily digestible and actionable

Pulling transcripts is just a small part of Canopy's practice management suite.  

Canopy is a full-suite practice management solution for accountants.  Canopy offers project management, document management, and seamless client communications tools all in one cloud-based platform.  

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