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Feature Update: Improved Client Portal Functionality (Clone)

Check out these two new things you can do with Canopy's client portal.

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Micala Ricketts

Micala Ricketts

Canopy’s client portal (one of our most popular features) has recently been updated to be even more efficient and functional. Here are two new things you can do with the client portal:

Invite clients via Mobile

The first update is an update to both the client portal and the Mobile app. You’ll now be able to invite clients to the client portal through the Mobile app, not just on your computer.

Save payment information

Your clients will have the option to save their payment information in their client portal for future payments. Additionally, they’ll be able to choose a default payment method and give accounts a nickname. The easier it is for your clients to pay you, the faster you’ll get paid.

If you’re looking to learn more about how Canopy can help with client management, you can sign up for a personalized demo


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