Suffering from burnout? You need a dose of Canopy.

Manage your clients, team and tasks in a single place with Canopy, the only all-in-one practice management solution for accountants.

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Are you experiencing these tax season symptoms?

  • Broken communication
  • Missing client records and documents
  • Increased inaccuracies
  • Employee dissatisfaction
  • Broken processes

 Treat the cause, not the symptoms. 

It's not your firm. It's your firm's software. It's inadequate legacy systems, cumbersome client communications, and chasing payments causing the tax season pain. Unfortunately, you can't put a band-aid on bad practice management software - but you can replace it. 
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Rx for Efficiency


Canopy cures practice management headaches by simplifying client management, document organization, and task assignment.


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Data-Driven Diagnosis


Just like a doctor's diagnosis, Canopy's reporting features provide crystal-clear insights into your practice's health, empowering informed decision-making..


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Communication Cure-All


Say goodbye to communication breakdowns with Canopy's integrated tools, ensuring smooth collaboration and client interactions.


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