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you're the hero.

Don't just survive tax season, conquer it with Canopy. Canopy helps firms optimize time, delight clients, and get paid faster during the biggest battle time of the year. Start your journey as a Tax Season Hero today. 

What's your firm's Achilles heel? 

 Are you sending constant client reminders? Chasing payments? Missing deadlines? No matter the weakness—it's costing you. Don't let your firm suffer any more losses. Canopy's here to help you conquer the same tax season challenges that your firm (and clients) struggle to overcome every year.

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Canopy's powerful CRM and branded client portal are the foundations of a successful tax season. Client documents, details, and tasks all exist in one central hub and the client portal allows easy requests and client communication.


Stop working for free. Get paid faster by invoicing and processing payments in Canopy. Got past due invoices? Use automated invoice reminders. Bill accurately by easily tracking time and expenses for each client in a single system with no separate logins.

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Canopy knows tax season in and out. Choose from 100+ pre-made templates with tax-specific automations or create custom workflows for your firm. Improve accuracy, create consistency and make work easier for everyone.

 Canopy's Tax Season Heroes

Canopy helps thousands of accountants and tax firms reclaim time and stay ahead during tax season. Don't think it's possible? Learn how they maintain sanity, stay efficient (and accurate), and meet every deadline with ease.


"During this last tax season, Canopy provided us with the ability to communicate without communicating. We're able to go online, see the status of where our clients are. We set up reminders in Canopy, specifically, to make sure that we were getting esignature documents back in a timely fashion." 


- Stephanie Layman, Whitewater Group

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"For us, it's all about value. If I have a tax practice and I have a hundred clients. I'm just going pull all hundred clients' transcripts, and that's going to be part of my standard working process. Think about the time we save."

- Sean Duncan, SMD Consulting & Accounting

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"We love Canopy. It's a robust software with essential features that help our tax season go smoother. The client portal, electronic signatures and the awesome and easy retrieval of clients' tax transcripts all make life easier. "

- Licia Vizcarra, Censullo Gupta &
Associates CPA LLP

Conquer next tax season, with Canopy.
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