Our 3 Canopy Values (in no order)


We win by delighting our customers with the very best products and service. We excel at our craft and out-hustle our competitors, persevering through challenges with grit and positivity until we’ve won.


We own this place. Literally. We focus on outcomes, holding ourselves and each other accountable. We spot and solve problems even when they’re not in our job description. Canopy is our company after all.


We’re not just good at our jobs—we work hard to be good people. We act with empathy and integrity and constantly seek to improve. We ensure that every employee feels they truly belong at Canopy by seeing, hearing and respecting them.


Why Brand Matters

A brand is an equation made up of two things: your identity (who you are) + your story (what you stand for).

For the purposes of this brand book, we'll mostly stick to the identity side—logo, colors, fonts, imagery, iconography, voice, tone, details—but have also included elements of story (like the Canopy values above) and will add this massive, hulking asterisk: EVERYTHING IS BRANDING.

"Everything?" you scoff. "Yes. Everything." Marketing, as expected, but also sales, product, support, print, events, websites, landing pages, handshakes, the lobby, innovations, emails, t-shirts, stickers, trade shows, social media, Glassdoor, LinkedIn, Reddit, the bathrooms, the breakroom...everything.

Every single point of contact between Canopy and our audience is branding. Which means, no pressure, but every single interaction either builds or destroys brand equity.

So, yes, brand matters. A lot.


Our Visual Identity

A company isn’t a person, but it does have a personality— that’s what the brand is. It’s our style and distinct way of talking. It exists so people have something they can relate to when they interact with our company.

Canopy’s personality is fresh, confident, and perceptive. That should reflect both in our design (this document) and the way we talk (see voice and tone document).

The rules and guidelines in this guide aren’t meant to restrain creativity, but exist so we can create a consistent experience for everyone who interacts with Canopy. The more consistent we are in our design and messaging, the stronger and more recognizable our brand becomes so Canopy can become a refreshing beacon of clarity in a complicated industry.